The 12-note equilateral music system, is a manifestation of the sacred dodecahedron equilaterally simulating an orb, dividing it into 12 equilateral, 3-D pie slices.
Geometry is a more meta, (meaning prevailing, but also obscure), informational plane compared to what we are doing with the the recurring, circular, but spiraling spectrum of pressure oscillations according to Earthly existence, and dividing that circle-based spectrum into 12 equilateral notes. Which is more practical, and mathematical than meta.
Dividing the spectrum of color into 12 is also of the upmost practicality.
Green = C
Mint = C#
Cyan = D
Teal = D#
Blue = E
Purple = F
Magenta = F#
Fuchsia = G
Red = G#
Orange = A
Yellow = A#
Pea = B
That is mathematically based, and there are many valid chronologies, but interesting enough some of the most prevailing sequences of existence are:
4 1 5 2 6 3 7 10 8 11 9 12
1 8 2 9 3 4 10 5 11 6 12 7
1 2 3 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
If each number represents a specific phenomenon of the Universe, than these sequences are chronologies of creation as well as patterns of interrelationships of creation.
These are sacred patterns and the code that is the spectrum of creation from the low end of the spectrum, light, and, force, to the high end of the spectrum, human code based society and audio engineering metaphors for noise, sterility, compression, masking, and relative loudness in the mix.
Of course everything is relative and about strategy so of course people are going to relate to other chronologies, and interrelation patterns of existence, but these are certainly very prevailing, and honed in on.
Like music, math, and time-keeping!
Our music system is very in sync with the base-10 system.
All number systems are based on the concept of 1, and intervals are the concept of dividing a whole (1) into divisions, called intervals.
In music we call intervals a relation between two notes, but each note is also an interval of a whole, a seen with stringed instruments!
Because of this, math is intrinsically in sync with the Universe, and all existence. The Universe = 1 now divide it into the most prevailing phenomena!
Our time keeping system is also very honed in and in sync with these concepts. The rate that cesium emits electrical charge might be so relatable to humans because it may transparently act as beacon for some sort of Earthly rate.
The human time-keeping system is very beautiful and hyper-mathematical, but also tuned to Earthly existence quite heavily. This means music is as well, but rightfully so, because, for the most part, such pressure oscillations cannot even exist in the semi-vacuum of space.
Associating tones to colors can be defined by the idea of auras, and orders of existence that numbers, and various other phenomenon like pitch, can “channel,” or relate to heavily enough to cause premonitions in the conscious, subliminal mid. This is probably part spiritual (super-ego), and part the human brain’s subconscious tapping into these codes of chronology and interrelationship which is ingrained in all existence.
In the context of Earthly existence “36” might channel a yellow-that-brings-green kind of aura to people. In a mathematical void frame of mind “36” might channel a blue-that-brings-orange aura.
Pull out an oscillator and start typing in numbers like 467.3 Hz or any of the infinite amount of other tones and start seeing what colors they channel. Random calculator math numbers make great frequencies for this. It seems strange to use seemingly arbitrary numbers like that for frequencies of pressure oscillations but they are prevailing numbers of the Universe so of course they are going to be relatable according to our more specific Earthly means of measuring dual-semi-circular pressure oscillations whose travel is dependent on parameters of Earth, possibly tectonic plates, and even the stellar bodies of our solar system.
Metaphysically “36” can mean “energy exchange that brings matter”. Using a more philosophical lens of metaphysics it can mean “exchange that brings interconnectivity.”
Matter (6) appears to be the most expressive phenomenon of existence, and correlates to the interval of existence which represents the extent of creation.
It is a balance point in the middle of the spectrum of creation. We prefer the middle opposed to the extremes. Our world is so polarized and disturbed because of a lack of alignment to fact, the middle, and balance. The low end of the spectrum of existence exists mostly spiritually, because there has never really been a time when existence only consisted of light, space, force and relativity, not even in the singularity which probably sustained matter as well as sentience, and much more.
The most prevailing spiritual/sentient energies of existence are + – and =. “+” representing goodness, and creation, – representing evil and destruction, and = representing alignment and preservation.
These seem to be tied to the concept of 4 1 5 in music, intervals, and even calculator math!!
There are many chronologies but the 12-note system developed on the basis of consecutive fifths and fourths, (the most consonant of intervals of sound) make the Western Music system a honed in math system in sync with how phenomena combine in existence to make all other things things.
This code of creation proliferates throughout existence and is manifested constantly. As a result sound can channel many auras and sentiments, but the physical ordering of notes can also pre-image possible creations of the Universe. This is a wild, but logical proof of the mathematical alignment of the sacred 12-note system!
We are talking detailed images too of animals of possible on Earth exhibited traits beyond the physical, but metaphorical as well!
This code is something our DNA has been tapped into for a long time and we have been chasing this code autonomously for a very very long time.
It is the source of old mythologies, in particular the Hindu pantheon, which were clearly not primitive, but very accurate!