Balancing Education, Government, and Media

Cyclic nature has shaped most of humanities social interactions.

Everything we can do/ want to do as humans means something, stems from automated code in beast brain wired by the phenomena of the univers compiling n patterns.

Even staring off into an empty room without thought has a cognitive affect on yourself, your sense of self, and the three factors of human balance, proposedly, mind body, and soul; which Astrolabe defines as the story, or experience.

The universe maintains the logic of 2 “powers,” (force, and energy) and one medium, “aether“. The laws of th universe follow consequently from universal expansion. This initiates time.

Like a song, music doesn’t stop moving forward until the final silence, and then it starts over again; ending, and beginning much faster than the in-between.

As useful as intuition is for those ascending towards their dreams, each step of their journey is enhanced with a fuller understanding of presence, and precedent.

Simplifying “intervals” of the systems that humanities “operate” in, society can expand the variables which it appeals the individual without sacrificing the diverse generalification that’s happening in the global culture.

Using logical shapes and figures, humanity can balance the variations of systems of government, and body of the people by identifying the crucial intervals and evaluating all the possibilities.

The idea is to simplify the process while allowing it to succeed in all its possible functions.

Democracies like the United States are an egalitarian family model nation, the motherly body of the people, are equal to the fatherly authority of the government. Fascist dictatorships behave like a patriarchal family.

Socially the States are still male-dominated and authoritarian. Not only in literal gender patriarchal institutions, but that the government has more control than the body of the people, in a neat system that preaches balance but is anything but.

These systems could be balanced better, agencies centralized, and political rubbish cleared away.

Fixing everything comes down to initiative, and the reason why our current system of government is “oppressive” is because decisions are left to a balance that is blind.

Justice doesn’t play politics, and therefore the game of political football is a punt off every 1st down. The issues are to be left wavering to ensure duty for politicians. Strategy is to leave most decision to necessity, meaning consequence dictates most change, and that’s when its too late.

The nature of politics diminishes within a perfect system, reasonable discourse must exist naturally and balance maintained, but Astrolabe attests, that there are abnormalities in our current theory that prevent the harmony of an advancing global society. The government system is negligent of its own oppressive binding.

It’s complication have rendered it immobile.

Political parties must be revised. If the United States turned into a partitioned, coalition-oriented political system, extremists will collect and their influence in mainstream politics will become apparent.

Media. has to expand and it has started, but this must be fostered further for the advancement of society.

The media people consume should be diverse, and slightly regulated, but moreso incentivized to contain Multi-ethnic leads and protagonist roles, with human development themes in the soul of the work.

In long term, these are the more impactful, and serendipitous pieces of art.

Education in the States focuses on learning a little bit more about everything each year. The subject matter consists of easy lessons made to appear difficult by instructors whom just know how, but not why.

The lessons learned from the start of education until the first social “progression” at around 12-13, should be mostly human development and cognitive understanding activities, which hardly feel like work.

A change in the system is necessary to produce a confident future-generations to come.

Comforts of security transcend linear patterns of family, tribe, and nation. People associate themselves in an amorpheus way, learning lessons at different stages in life than each other. The variables of the spectrum of human possibility are not are hard to chart, and empathy may be a result of educating and experiencing life thoroughly. Evaluating people, and the mind enough to hear the music.

Simplification on theory, gives humanity more perfect possibilities.

Children, are able to grasp ideas of morality and personal ethic, but the extent of those lessons require age to grasp fully. Many teachings that are taught could be caught up on later, easier, because they are not that difficult. These are the languages of the universe. Natural science is intuitive, and with the internet, easily seek-able.

Many deficiencies in education, and representaion in media, create a blind-spot in relevancy to the ideas of unconditional-consciousness, and perfect practicality, (Using refined intervals to find complex harmony/rational discord.

The breadth of information learned in schools can be taught, as the big picture, much more readily, instead of redundantly, with spread thin education.

It makes more sense to focus on human development opposed to information sciences, because that latter is more mature, and requires a seeking mind to develop. Passion is the greatest catalyst for acceleration in the human mind. The learning process is expedited, indefinitely when they are enthused. When the means of English class are obtuse, students won’t produce intellectual flow.

Society builds systems, and destroys intelligence, produces- what?

It advances towards isolation, in a growing world, when advancement is refinement, not interpretment.

Subsequently, field of study-oriented education could provide electives at this age even though theoir interest is probably a segue to another field.

Instilling proper logic, rationale, and learning programs into future-generations should be the primary goals.

Exercise/diet, morale, and transcendence are more essential than book learning that isn’t taught well to them already. Healthy diets, and healthy kids, need to be outside, all of the time.

The big picture has been neglected, and education needs to teach thinkers, it doesn’t take a village of people just like the parent to raise a child successfully, and that’s why the human interaction based lessons can be standardized.

This could be more streamlined, and provide a better service than the obsolete multi stage, crawling school system that exists today. Those could be used more sparingly.

School is not a social realm, but a multi-tiered sado-masochistic system and often times it steals the youth from a child, without even giving them much to fall back on. Especially in the United States, small towns are breeding grounds for poor mentality, that then perpetrates itself into the rest of society.

Education, like the rest of Americas “melting pot,” doesn’t represent its benefactors well enough.

It makes sense to instituite more order in the theory of education, in the United States. The perspective of institutions like Education on the people are harmed by the overweighed, over clothed government, that wields its negligence of power, without truly striking balance for the nation.

Control isn’t necessary to enorder balance in the United States, and in the world culture. It could be done with a true dedication to the semi-biological directions that humanity should take moving forward, based on harmonic construct.

*Note from the Author*

Utilizing truth, and teaching spiritual science exponentially increases our reactivity with the spiritual, when heading in harmonic directions.  A passion to simplify the “collective” human mind in understanding increases that further, along with the individuals’ in their own experiences, when heading their own optimal directions. The mind is a spectrum of functions from periphery necessities, that home emotional reactivity.

It is its own sphere of possibility, with intervals that Astrolabe believes it works like an 8 note-system on a multi-chasmic spectrum.

There aren’t many better teachers than yourself, if you follow yourself the right ways, at the right times.

When an individual has dynamic tendencies, they might display a feeling of being spread thin. This is due to attribution; the emotions attached to the self, (mind, body, and soul).

People’s values haven’t been consolidated into mindful approaches. They are unable to reach them in moments where they aren’t especially mindful of themselves, or their impact.

A perfect schooling system may not exist, especially without the will to adopt it.

If the perfect circumstance can be taught, then all people, when they are students, will understand society and life as simply as possibly.

This way of mind clears people of their cynical mentality. Those could simply be invasive thoughts; energy that swirls around you; tension or pressure in your body; being emotional electron. We are computerized beacons, naturally protons, or even radioactive isotopes individually.

Humans are capable of great sentient strength, and balance within oneself. The more this is developed, the further it is advanced evolutionarily.

Sado-masochism is rampant across all industries of society. It’s the disease of education. People can learn more from the internet, and books, if they have the desire to so. Students left behind, they disregard their awkward problems and associate themselves with extremist ideals.

People whom aren’t taught how to work through life cognitively, and when mentally unstable,  expand , in a few ways, and the person, whom is dealing with misdirected passion/intellect, is like a star that explodes; they accumulated a lot of power, in whatever ways possible, and eventually explode, ripping the fabric of reality towards them.

Human development should be the primary concern for students, and the banal work done away with to make room for less invasive human development activities, which allow for youth to learn what they are active in pursuing.

The mandated part of education should be humanitarian work that forces people to leave their comfort zones, and pursue feelings within themselves for the betterment of themselves. This wouldn’t be as extreme as a daily regiment of fat and fodder at schools, when students are playing sports, doing arts, and learning novelties from their parents, each other, or activities-teachers, what have you.

A more compartmentalized approached of teaching could easily work within the system already established.

Check out “The Future of Man” by Pierre Teilhard d Chardin

It seemed to have influenced me before I even happened by what’s now my 1960’s English translation of it.

This writing style haunts you like a ghost;

I’m pretty sure a specter, or a conspire, lead me to the book on the shelf; in used book store; visiting my former college town. Some one else may know how relevant it was to my personal studies; and thus knows my life.

The book scares me, and I’m open to anyone whom know something about it.