Animism is a spiritual belief that phenomena of nature have sentience. Humans don’t only have sentience, but they often have consciousness, a higher magnitude of sentience.

The idea that everything of nature, or existence, can “have sentience” makes sense if you think of spiritual energy as electro-magnetic waves, and consciousness as circuitry, as it is perpetuated sentience.

If sentient energy, is a phenomenon of air waves, and acts on humans like they are beacons, then consciousness-capable organisms utilize consciousness like cellphones/computers, satellites, and towers transmit, store, and build with data.

Sardines “communicate” to move as one in groups, and sharks have been known to trap large migrational movements of fish together, by coincidence and/or subliminal guidance.

Humans might have evolved much the same way, for a more intimate relationship with the spectrum (of possibility) of sentience and emotion. Data of the human brain.

Material substance, kinetic force  and electro-magnetism (light, electro-negativity, fields) makeup the existence of everything possible in the universe. They combine and conflict each other in many ways producing all phenomena of nature, and in our observable world.

Spectrums of Possibility

Complex emotions often rely on smaller notions for representation within the human psyche. Yet, individual fragments of innuendo can trigger the breadth of full reactions in their brains. Thoughts can seem small to one person, at a circumstantial point in their life, while having oppressive control over another.

As much as reality and any niche activities within the universe, is a spectrum of possibility, the human body is also much the same. On any given day, a person’s mind body and soul can be irregular, and cause them to have a different psyche that operates from a different perspective.

Human beings as sentients have the most profound ingenuity of any species ever known about. Biological, people find patterns and subconsciously internalize intervals of spectrum oriented activities, music being the most malleable example.

Geometry and numbers are a literal way of defining, and modelling, activities and phenomena. With this in mind, intuition plays a great role in an educates ability to work with these mathematical concepts.

Mathmatics are formulas, theories, and skills that allow humans to break down nature theoretically. Circles, fractals, lines, points, and rays are all means of mathematics in evaluating activities and phenomana.

How things change in nature are often subjects of mathematics in natural science based fields. Geometry, although seemingly static, can reprent how things like cells, and flowers develop.

Chaos is the concept of cosmic pressure. That the system is in motion, and things will happen. Kinetic force is the means in which everything moves. It is not a thing but an occurrence.

Optimal possibility implies that to achieve a certain result, most efficately, movements must occur in a specific way.

Humanity for example, birthed from both chaos and Earthen circumstance, is an epitome creation of the planet. Perfection in away, to simulate the most balanced life possible. If sentience can inhabit/interact with all of the natural universe, it explains why we evolved towards thought-provoking genetics.

We are vessels for, perpetuators of, and sometimes producers for the field of consciousness that encompasses the Earth.