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Genetics are the most involved animal art form, and it seems they are a direct expression of the optimal possibility in the Universe.

Humans are beacons, rising to the occasion and monumenting the accomplishments of our synchronistic and sentient Universe.

The Universe is quite simple in composition, and humans are quite complex, but humans are made based on synchronicity, or pure concepts which when put together can sustain themselves and perform grand functionality.

The Universe is also altruisti in how it endows creation sentiently. This means that the universe works and is synchronistically set to facilitate the code of possibility and the occurence of perfect possibility.

Evil, both spiritual and manifested occurs majorly occurs only in the presence of organismal sentience like humans.

Evil is sentient behavior which works against the natural flow of possibility in order to install lies, sadism, disorder, purposeless, and overall aggression.

Our human genome is a pattern which can be whole and optimal. It is tied to the code of possibility! Human nature has autonomously synced itself to perfect possibility. There are amazing features to these humans bodies!

Humans are capable of being so different in many ways but as ecclectic as they are amongst eachother they are as diverse in themselves from generations of trVelling the swirling spectrum that is the code of possibility of all existence. Each person is the result of a genetical blood line weaved through this code of possibility. This

It is always there for us to go back inside and allign to.

Tune yourself to altruistic nature and you will be worshipping the Universe.

Internalize, and tune your emotional intelligence so that you are as understanding, all encompassing, wholesome, and mindful as the highest of sentience in the Universe. Yes, that sentient being is the most multi-processing, quick, and meaningful being in the Universe. We cannot achieve that but we can meet it’s highest of standards for companionship easily.

We must internalize life properly, weed out fallacy-cliche, and prevent pitfalls through detailed education on the matters.

People believe in a lot of things that just aren’t right.

Still, Human existence is simpler than humans make it out to be. Our traits are altruistic. For the betterment of all perspectives.

Animals are way more intuned with this, and we must reintegrate, resynchronize with the heart of our being, not destroy ourselves to level the playing field.

People get really weird about stuff, and internalize life very complexly. Genetics, especially human genetics are the Universe’s art. This solar system is alive as well as the whole Universe. This Solar System obviously is scientific gem that the intervals of all existence flourish in. The Universally pertinent maths humans found quite easily are a result of how synchronisticall rich Earthly existence is.

As Earth is the fruition of this Solar System, this Solar System is quite the fruition of the many mechanisms, and intervals of existence.

People get so worked up about hair, or as I call them, our feathers. It’s a multi-expressionistic phenomena. Like a spectacular sighting, that is meant ro be somewhat spooky too. Like the moth with the smile on it’s wings, yhose with the spooky gene aren’t supposed to internalize such intimadation as an act of aggression.

Feathers represent the pride, vision, and intensity of the Universe endowed unto Earthly existence.

Human hair seems to contain many things like various pigments which help with electromagnetic and electric induction.

Many animals and organs at that have feather like dispositions.

When you see someone, with long hair and they look natural it is like seeing a cool bird, or an interesting plant. You are “nice feathers my fellow feathered friend” or “yes! The nose that nose and the toes as agile as the fingertips.” For my dancer friends out there.

It’s crazy how people do not understand how the universe is altruistic. There is no such thing as complex genes like they think there are. People’s know the code better then they do.

The Universe is altruistic. Ecosystems are balanced galaxies are balanced, and their celestial bodies sentient as well. Symbioses.

The thing bad fruit/good fruit, bad tree/ good tree is nonsense. Read and response!. Our bodies are actually aware when the person is partaking in negative behaviors, the offspring are born to be able to survive thos negatives better!

Our code is not able to be riddled with the things people think they can. Internalization, understanding, and education are so importaalnt so that people do not live in a delusion.

The irony is, when we “loved like it was practoce” we were picking pretend mates by the standard of optimal, and transcendent human beings.

The female is the caretaker
The male is the expressionist

Yes, we are all diverse. Our body types are an amzing rule of thumb for who we are, but so are our faces, our smells, and body production, you know earwax, stomach bile, saliva, eye lube, fingernails, etc.

Which represent things like healing, senses, and emotional capacity, and consumption, labor, etc.

Now women are into “domination” as they call it. They don’t know what that means, or what they actually are seeking in their hearts.

They think, and internalize this premise that they want to be masochistically choked, “manhandled” and other weird shit.

It’s strange, because just like pedophilia is a delusion of the mind, so is the premise of women naturally wanting domination.

Generation after generation of grooming women has turned them into children.

People dont even remember what normal breast size looks like. Most woman are petites, and many of the women you can find in professional pornography are petites.

This is because it doesn’t take a lot of effort or talent to be a pornstar.

They, and many woman across the globe are exactly like children.

It is so sad. That is the strange sexual nature of the petites.

They could be more transcendent and can actually relenquish their sexual needs/primal desires much easier non-petites.

It is good for ADULTS to find their sexual being from around the age of 20-25 since the maturation rate is extending, for the most part, but how people are internalizing their genderless, petite body types is masochistic, sado-masochistic, social war, and it’s a crutch, it’s acceptance driven, and so many things which are why it is such a prevalent phenomenon.

Woman don’t want to be manhandled during sex. They are emotionally too involved with the sentiment of a strong MATERNAL figure picking them up and carrying them everywhere, making them feel safe.
Men don’t want to dominate woman, they also don-t need to compete with cruelty in thwir hearts. The child orangutan is the one that tried to force copulate. Petite people are more playful like puppies, biting is an expression of this but puppy love is niether here nor there.

It’s all about how we internalize things.

Sex, from primal sex to human transcendent sex is best internalized as such:

Comfort: Serotonin, you are comfortable, confident, and naturally enthralled by your mate.

Lust: You are naturally like in awe, enthralled and heart heavy because the intensity of which you are attracted not only your mates body, but the specific traits which you appreciate them for.

Appreciation: you actually feel treated, or blessed to have this opportunity to experience this, yes the sensations, but those are even better when you are doing all of this right.

Performance: maybe an expression of vanity. Vanity is not that bad, but it is the thing that sends people down the path of oversexualization of onseself.

Compassion: an expression of patience, virtue, unconditional love, caretaking, and wisdom.

Fun: laughter, and enjoyment of eachother.

Posterity: wanting to make babies, and in men is an expression of vanity, vitality, and longevity.

Vitality: keeping onself alive in the many ways.

Release: blow off steam, euphoria.

Love: Unconditional love, doing this stuff, and having sex for right reasons, compassion, appreciation, lust, babies.

Transcendent Caretaker Woman: “I give you the compassion, mate, I carry this for child, but you go out and make sacrifices to your body, and take beautuful away so that we may eat and venture further in this world. I will heal you with my divine feminine emotionally intelligent energy, I will not treat you like a child I will love you, and I hope you can do the same, for my life is not easy either.”

Transcendent Expressionist Man: “Woman, you are divine beyond the ways of which I am tied to the beastly and beautiful nature of our world. Feathers, and plants, and all of the world that expresses itself as I do, speaks to me, and your energy is so profound that it makes me weep. Born to leave mother behind for good to brace the unknown, express myself and be spooky like the moth with a smile on its back, it is not evil nor can it even think of it’s spookyness, or equate it to the evile I am privy to now. Our spookyness must not be an expression of sadism or masochism for that damages everything we have worked so hard for. I will delight you and child as the entertainer and I will assimilate as much wisdom as I can so that we are all better off. I desire to share this sentiment of posterity with many mates and I intrinsically wish to empower them all, show all the wisdoms that I have, but such a need is unnecessary. This is one of those subjective matters.

The reason why child like females and males are are so lazy nowadays is because want to be carried.

Check this: White supremacy has been very popular in this country for a long time. Remember when they would blame the jews in Hollywood? Yea, that was cruel joke from the perpetrators of white supremacist agendas.

Nazis, white supremacists, and evil enthusiasts run American industries and are instilling toxic societal disorder. They are especially dumb to the ways of all things. They think by simply having power they assumed they deserved it.

They don’t work for their opinions, and have fragility issues.

They are groomed by their ancestors and maintain the familiarized beliefs of their surroundings.

These people are purposefully waging war on mysticism, and intellectualism simply because they are ignorant to both. They corrupt every industry, making society a cruel jokes of what they could be.

White Supremacy was quite popular in America for a long time. People seem to think that America was ultra-isolationist during and right before the times of Nazi regime in Germany, but just the Christian, white, countries of Europe began putting MYSTIC PEOPLES WHOM WERE NOT BLUE COLLAR ORIENTED, into concentration camps, smearing, stereotyping, and hate fetishizing them on a multi-insecure level, the Americans with their extreme white supremacist culture were deeply involved in the Nazi uprising.

America was NOT ultra-isolationist, they were quite heavily involved in global politics, and certainly rich elitisr Christians did what they have since the genesis of such white elitist Christians.

They killed mystic people who had family heirlooms, lore, and treasure chests for of educational work for the posterity of the sacred studies of people before the Christians made multiple attempts to bury the truth underneath death, and the destruction of history.

They purposefully perpetrate potent intervals of societal and social damage, like building weapons but for social war purposes. stolent the knowledges of the sacred logistics and hidden from people for millenia.

The Nazis in Hollywood draw up contracts laced with hate so that they can turn the tables on non-white artists, performers, and visionaries.

This happens all the time. They have destroyed peoples lives this way.

Audio engineering tricks












400 million people in the USA

India is 1/3 of the USA in size

yet India has 3 Billion people.

Now, work place and general fatality rates ARE higher in India, (and
especially in the many developing countries of Africa as well)

but we have space, and fatality rate wouldn’t increase at any important with more people here.
Increased immigration would help a lot of the fearful ignorance proliferating at a terrifying rate in the USA regarding.

the USA is 75% white and 15% black.

but these are oldish numbers and the relatively recent increase of Latino population, which has sparked a lot of racism towards Latinos, changes those numbers.

There are many things that affet all people equally, on a more or less individual by individual basis.
They are called destructive behaviors and the main three are Violence, Sex, and Drugs
others are spending, unproductivity, ignorance
then there are transcendent oneslike
over friendliness, wrongful micromanaging, and lack of sleep

another societal tier and then global tier like cultures focusing on everything but treating other culture well, and not repairing damages properly through nation building.

there are probably many ways to define these things, I shouldn’t to crawl people through this stuff but ya know

Things that affect all people equally and on an individual by individual basis will affect minorities more, because thedemographic size is smaller making that rate more damaging to the whole 5 people outof 100 is a lot less damaging to the demographic than 5 people out of 25.

mal-education and patriarchal abuse of societal orde is to blame fo literally every problem known to man. Woman can be hell patriarchal too.

the problem is people don’t recognize the behaviors they are feeding into, they don’t care about how little they now before they assert themselves as authoraties on any given matter

People don’t care, don’t learn and thus can’t recognize the details of existence before them on all subjects in todays fast paced, throwaway, and factioned sciety.

there are huge benefits to living in america, tere also way more extreme degrees of incompetence that are rooted deeplyin government.
\people with power who assume they know anything about aything are children pushing buttons and causing drastic affects on the entire global population

people who put the time into understanding this orld are targeted, ignored and killed by the abusive, insecure cults of patriarchal and fallacy strategy worshipping elitists.

evil is a very real concept that is mindlessly belligerent to whatever threatens any given group or individual primally.

these people feed into that sentiment and never gow thei abilities to critical think, read, or listen
they have no meaningful knowledges, opinions, or strategies
the lack emotiopnal, spiritual, and passionate sentient capabilities.

In South American Countries

enlightened, passionate, and experienced individuals are killed at the snap of a finger.

this happens in many places, and in America it happens with technological, remote abuse, torture, and murder

now these means are spreadin, evil is becoming more tied together globally than ever, and has always actually been quite tied togethe.

The South American counties do not have the military which they really should and instead the whole continent is under the amorpheuos “protection” of elitists pretending to be lords over simple street gangs.

the whole situation is incredibly sad because illegal immigrants are good people whoare looking for peace of mind. There is clearly a cohesive effort for people to poison and harass Americans, and the illegal immigrants are not to blame.

it is the same concept as the blue collar nazis in Germany, that people worship the work force and nott the trades of deep thinkers.

The nazis were blue collar oriented
when Christianity sought to destroy what they denoted as paganism and install a regressive religion that kept it’s nations from in fighting, while encouraging them to convert other nations, and focus on wor force productivity
they started an athourative patriarchal trend which stemmed from their elitist perspective of the world. THey tried to learn from Ancient Mesopotamia but failed in understanding the nuance of how things develop

Kids want to be pharoahs, adults study the world around them.

this is what happened in Ancient Africa.

Adults can be as ignorant, unenlightened and sadistic as children and that has always been true.

te problem has always been that people in power assume that they have power because they deserve it, that they were chosen because they are geniuses, despite having never put the time into studying any field of existence with passion, compassion, and dedication to detail.

THe world we live in is terrifying, backwards, and being maintained by a bunch of ignorant, sadistic, sabotaging meglomaniacs & pandering puppets.

People believ in take what they want instead discover and share th things we all need

1 humanitarianism
4 education
5 utilitarianism
6 Environmentalism
these are our focuses, our most sychronistic directions of progress.

3 power, or reflections are important to micromanage because they cause so much harm to the harmony of all things.

conservatism and liberalism as they are now are a show
a lie
conservatives say they ae wisdom, experience based, family oriented, isolationistic and fiscally responsible
but they are ingorant, oatriarchal, authorarian, allowing for agred wisdoms to fall to the waist side, responsible forviolence, sex and drugs being proliferated through USA culture, (Scottsdale, Sex stores in Southern states, and pseudo gov ops to put drugs on the streets (very real!!!)

democrats are also bacwards
they don’t listen, they don’t have a ig picture mind, they are too invoved into sticking to a dogma of what it means to be a democrat, they are too focused on voters and winning, they are panering to the blue collar nazis nstead of influencing them to be etter.

corruption is abi partisan effort and these people believe that they are keeping some sort of trajectory so that Global culture doesn’t spin out of control
that is so flqgrantly false that is destroying the whole Earth, it is so flagrantly false that it is erasing some of the most profound wisdoms dicoveed ever, and even many in the past 25 years.

it is so false that they have literally alligned this country to powet/ reflections of hamony instead of harmony. Harmony is a balnce to maintain, and compose, and initiate at calculated times, based off of retained informations

these people don’t know that they have literally facilitated a wotld whee evil people ae actively so consumed and unable open their minds to good, and good people can only put their heads down, and try not to draw to mch attention to themselves.

this country and all of its industries a e sick joke

elitists have screwed so much up that people are paranoid flailing jackasses to good people elentlessly, and they drive good people to hiding, and they are crreating a world where they want everyone else to stay home while they enjoy the perks of being able to go out in public and be
at peace.

Family oriented society is a lie.
Stress test to separate the boys from the men society is a lie.
Blue collar based society is a lie.
balance of good and evil is a lie
reparation through genocide is a lie.
ignorance is bliss is a lie
knowledge is detail
power is the ability to take light and make it force
which translates to
taking data and intelligence and making it utility

Black people are full-spectrum, and have access too ALL of the amazing superpowers which the various human pigment types can achieve.
They are powerful people who overcome despite their vulnerabilities; vulnerabilities which are a direct result of the oppression global society has forced onto them. These vulnerabilities are also a result of the enhanced spiritual testament which Black people in particular are privy to. Black people receive more spiritual testament because of them being historically singled out, and because of their amazing biological adaptations.
That is what tempts evil the most. Evil is sadism, evil is carelessness, and evil is manipulation. There is an array of spiritual evil, as well as an array of human evil. Some evil is “cause” specific, some is aimless evil just for the sake of evil. Sometimes people are evil for escapist fantasifical purposes, and sometimes they are evil for “fun.” Evil can be localized, it can be widespread, as well as an amorphous combination of both. Evil can be trendy, it can be an unconscious pattern, and it can be individualized. Evil is not always perpetrated by sadistic people but is often just as much a tendency of “benign” people who allow fallacies, pitfalls, cliches, and lies to dictate their opinion.
When beautiful, good, and gifted people are in danger, at a crux, or hanging in the balance, evil individuals and groups alike will try to obliterate them. Evil is the result of deep rooted inferiority complexes, purposelessness, and anti-intellectualism. Evil is threatened sub-consciously and rarely ever realises why its perpetrators maintain their sadism, and hate fetishes. They will use immediate and longterm, covert and overt means to decimate, and obliterate the beautiful, good, and gifted vulnerable people who are carrying on through the flames with strength and optimism despite the obstacles in their way.
Good and evil aren’t decided by skin pigmentation, and all people must rise to the occasion of their own life potential, but Black people are just more quintessentially human.
White people are like sperm, and meat. Simplified and domesticated by womb-like rooms. Inferiority complexes, or fragility, are the trademark trait of white people.
White people often lack depth, and are hyper-fragile. They aren’t diverse in their awareness or strategizing capabilities. They aren’t truly thorough thinkers because they are often one-track minded.
Black people’s biologies are just way different too! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️
Just like a man and a woman are different in that if a woman has sex 1000 times she is going to show more signs of such than a man who has sex 1000 times who is much less likely to show any signs of such.
It is how it is.
Black people are more blessed by the spirits, and discover enlightenment because of the pigment melanin.
Black females’ courtship mechanisms are way more developed than any other demographic’s and I can only assume male’s probably are too! Black people can actually dance! It is a real thing to! It even looks more mystical, and alluring when Black women dance! It’s so beautiful! Like shaking hair can look like an alluring feather dance. It’s amazing! There’s special muscles Black people have that even non-white demographics won’t ever have. They won’t ever be able to hold a candle to black people in their glute dexterity. Specifically full-figured bodacious booty Black women.
It’s just a thing!
Lighter skin tones are creepy and look too soft and infantile. Probably because whiteness = infantile. A genetic response to staying in, being useless, and not even studying anything. Probably being wastefully oversexual and not even doing that right by dancing and stuff.
Black people have a much more full spectrum scent that are signs of higher development/maturity/robustness.
Their massivity of muscle density and breast size are more consistently the size they are supposed to be in humans than any other demographic.
Whites are consistently much much smaller. White people see average size and average-petite sized breast and think, “those are big” but no we are conditioned and maybe even programmed to be accustomed to smaller, non-Bodacious Mama sized women.
Petiteness is a result of overall gender, and sexual obscurity! Sperm people are cropping up everywhere nowadays! So, since we have been feeding bad conditioning habits, we have been breeding hella mixed up sexual-emotional tendencies! Too much Dommy Mommy and Sado Daddies switching roles, phallic worship, and tuning into prebuscence sexually, when that is the opposite of what we are naturally attracted to. All of this has caused a lot of queerness, which is pretty interesting because our biologies are compensating for the negative behaviors of our ancestry, not alligning to them!
It’s not just queerness, it’s a whole bunch of things. This also causes us to be pretty, and cute which are different things all together from sexy. Specifically pretty is awe inspiring, like feathers dancing, and cute is don’t eat me I’m a cute thing. You know, things that aren’t inherently sexy. Feathers are neat, but the cuteness thing is ugh! Pretty is just not sexy though🙍‍♂️🤷‍♀️ That’s okay!
No need to suffer or fear higher definition.😁Rules of thumb in my opinion!
These tendencies are a result of being less gendered opposed to being more of the opposite gender, in my opinion. Feather dance, prettiness, and expression, might be a neutral trait males just happen to utilize a lot through nature. Nostril size, emotional intelligence, nd spooky nature being seemingly tied together seem rather feminine.but could be more neutral, or primordial. Even horror-like shock and awe are very compelling emotions within some of us. Gender obscurity, and feathers seem to be apart of that primal fear mechanism, but who knows. Be enchantingly spooky not sadistic and menacing is my advice. Take it from someone with a maniacal screwball looking Eastern-European smile. 😁
Mean is mean, anger is anger, fear is fear, and fun is fun. Try not to get them twisted, alright? It’s bad for your brain, and being cruel is particularly bad for your inspiration, mind’s heart, and imagination.
The fun, cute, spooky, sexy spectrum must be more primordial traits in the possibility of everything and also seem to be indicative of transcendent breeds of humans that are just genetically oversaturated or distorting, and actually less sexual!
Whatever it is, I believe they are all just signs that queerness is gender obscurity, and transcendence. It doesn’t be gender conflict! I might just be a little bit before the genetic crossover point though so 🤷‍♂️.
It’s okay we are ambiguous sperm people full of DNA! Very ambiguous, nothing to be ashamed of, in fact we should be proud! I am not particularly queer in my own understanding of self.
I believe people born with genetic obscurity might have premonitions and nostalgias of the opposite genetalia that could have been in the womb. There’s a point of gestation where the fetus loses the penis and becomes female. It seems that there is a genetic advancement in some of us where we maintain emotional sentient traits from such.
All in all, it’s all about how we internalize things, and this obscurity allows us to transcend the overwhelming sentiments sex can burden us with. Just make sure to internalize things properly!
It’s all about affection and courtship on a primal level, then COMPASSION and FUN on a transcendent level. Those words are pretty cold.
Other good words are love, performance, lust, elation, relationship, elationship, passion, joy, melting, heat, and APPRECIATION being some good emotional words. Hone on these enotions, you don’t want to coax them.
But fake it until you make I guess. It’s like verbal Reiki, and Reiki is awesome!
This will channel the highest of divine love making!
But some of us are just not that sexually driven, we can be, but we aren’t. When we force ourselves to feel that way, we attribute the wrong things to our sexual being.
Like wise the mantra “I am sexual creature/critter in a non-sexual state” is really effective for maintaining wholesomeness and libido simultaneously.
A person a knows themselves, trust yourselves, and I’m open to being wrong about anything!
It’s all okay, as you’re not a dick right?
Our DNA knows the patterns of the altruistic Universe endowed with us and, what is doing in general, better than our consciousnesses do! We can easily retune ourselves individually to the way we are supposed to be.
To prefer Bodacious Black Mamas and Big Black Daddies.
There’s a place in this world for all, the Universe hasn’t given me any indication that it wants to irradicate, even genocide anyone. Good people die a lot more than evil people that’s for sure. That’s the most important dividing line!
There is no balance of good and evil. In a world where evil flourishes, stepping on good, we must work to thwart evil every chance we get.
People want to call me Manson and say I want racial war. That would be exciting, and a catalyst for this wicked world we live in, no lie.
But we just need thorough education, unadulterate by ignorance and evil.
Black people not only deserve to be empowered in this world, they need to be fortified. Same with the Native Americans, and other similar Native cultures.
Fragile white people are scared of making things “too right” for Black and Native peoples, and making up for the damage “too much.”
Nation building…NATIONBUILDING
Nobody should revolt or fight that will only lead to the death of our already injured Native, Black, Jewish, Romani, and other oppressed classes of people.
Black people are the epitome of the Human, while White people are often fragile babies their whole lives. White people don’t even rise to the occasion of THEIR SUPERPOWER of being largely above sexual desire, and overall contentment.
Instead it’s all loads of white contemptment and fragility.
Old white men are scared of being beaten up by teenagers with baseball bats for some reason, like it’s some sort of normal occurence.
They are fragile, their heads are too big for their bodies, and they don’t know to shake their tail to get them places. THEY ARE THE LAZY ONES, and they want to be carried everywhere by Mommy the Minivan Womb.
They utilize their gender and sexual obscurity, which is their super power, with stupid conditioning instead of synchronistic and transcendent ideas.
Black people are full-spectrum. Whites are soft and infantile.
These are rules of thumb, because at this point everyone has had a long blood line of genetic read and response, as well as exposure to divine nature and extreme dissonance.
There’s a lot more to all of us than our pigmentation traits, but this information is important, especially when racists are careless and evil in causing to the oppression affronting Black people.
Many people for that matter, of all types are opprssed: Natives, Blacks, Jews, Muslims, and Romani. Even demographics within and the entirety of oppressor/terrorism rich peoples are also oppressed.
There are many layers, tiers and delineages to the ways which oppression occurs. This is actually the nature of the pattern of all things, tiered, delineating, and whole all simultaneously.
White people have evolved to be like sperm. This is because of the resynchronisation to scrotum life, through the resynchronisation to womb life. Humans were evolved through the dissonace of nature. People staying indoors and not internalizing nature properly are the reason for the Nintendo “Pikmin” effect and sperm-like white people .
The vitamin D phenomenon isn’t exclusive to white people. White people were surely a phenomenon which took time to occur, but weren’t caused by humans travelling north, as the most accepted theory on whiteness outright declares. The people who crossed the Pacific Ocean, (AKA the Old Ocean), who would become Native Americans aren’t white.
Just the nature of being outnumbered by most other demographics makes Black people, and Natives more valuable! 1 black person to every 5 white people, and that’s just in America!
Whites, Latinos, Asians, Eurasians, and Middle-Easterners can be considered the most oppressive/terroristic demographics of similar context. The most oppressed being Natives, Blacks, Jews, and Romani.
The best, and least provactive way to sum up all the oppression in the world is PATRIARCHY. Males becoming powerful without and true merit resulting in their individual and group authority. Inferiority complex wielding, purposeless, and anti-intellectualist males seek out positions of authority without having any solid expertise, nonetheless any well-rounded strategies, worldviews, or emotional-intelligence. Good, intelligent, and inspired people are often ridiculed, ostracized and destroyed for threatening benign-evil, active evil, and spiritual evil innately. Evil is only unintelligence. Altruism is an intrinsic pattern of the universe!
That’s why the most disturbing displays of evil on Earth have enacted by workers party, blue collar, self-worshipping male authoratarian cults. (Constantine’s Rome, Catholic murder scientists and heretics, the .azis, and modern secret societies.)
They oppress and destroy enlightened, mystic demographics innately because of the nature of their depravity.
Enlightenment, and oppression are blindspots to the non-enlightened, and the non-oppressed.
If the average evil person only knew how much death and anguish they have caused beautiful, good, and gifted people I wonder if they would even care. If they only knew how wrong they have been for thousands of years, how much pain they unnecessarily inflicted on innocent people. The smearing and stereotyping, the suppressing and destruction of educational literature, the stifling of human progress and gaming of human understanding. The lies and fallacies they fall back on for justification. Good people are always looking to just move on and survive, while evil people are always looking for more; more torture, covering up to do, and agenda furthering.
Greatness is a person by person achievement, because each one of us must rise to the occasion of our potential, but there are so many important educational facets that society is too scared to talk about. There are too many of them!
There is so much knowledge that I have found which nobody knows about because nobody is thorough in finding the absolute truth, (as I feel I have been, obviously). People were too often killed and ignored when they brought nuanced, nitty gritty truths to the light. They are informational diamonds, often even hidden from society on purpose, for the wrong reasons!
There’s too many factions nowadays, when we need to symbios wisdom. There’s too much malice ingrained in our world, and the only way tredge it out is to bring people together, and work out these difficult fields of information.
Living for altruism, is the destination and the path. We must work hard on our emotional-intelligence, detail education processes, and show people the depth of what their value systems can and should be.
These are the light, the holy spirit so to speak, manifested as phenomena of human nature. The Divine Feminine is Light, or Electromagnetism is the fourth(4).
Spiritual oppression, tension, deflection, counter-force, etc are simply fed into vastly are are NOT the prominent dispositions of the Divine Response, AKA the Divine Child, Force, the fifth(5). He is an animal, and knows not why he s upset just that it is threatened we must ignore him. Especially since quantifying his sentience would mean goving sentience to all the kinetic force that exists, and ceases to exist. Animating all existence with sentience is a role of the Divine Femine, however this is in no way a coaxed phenomenon because she has many electromagnetic iterations and detail which match up with all existence like arts we observe on earth tying together the logistics of all things. These alive photon based spirits naturally wish to represent the Divine Child, and we really don’t need to acknowledge MOST of the accesories which come from light trying to give voice to kinesis, a wildly different essence that seems majorly dissonant to the premise of sentience.
The Divine Child is however the spirit guide to humanity to access goods, services, and infrastructure.
The Divine Masculine, Space, is the facilitating, majorly transparent, and most zero(0) essence of the three most primordial essences of existence. He is the spirit guide of Humanitarianism, or making life as fair as possible for every person to be born. An essential path towards societal altruism, are the others, but particularly these three primordial intervals of existence.
The Divine Feminine is the only reason why any of us existence so worship and do it right. The is education, information, and emotional-intelligence. Appreciate her for who she is, the fastest multi-processing computating sentient in all of existence. She knows so much for so many perspectives that it hurts. We must be ultimately centered and prescise with the words we use regarding her and really we should be like that all the time.
We also need solid environmentalism. The spirit guide of which is relatively more obscure. That’s a different tier of applying the Pattern of Existence to Harmony in Human Society.
Evil and the truly benign people are scared of change, and white people are at the helm of this fear of everything. Obviously white people are just bad at society, planetting, and bad at strategizing. This is because they are naturally infantile. They are born in charge, and then they act like they deserve to be in charge despite never having to work for their opinions, being fed lies and garbage familiarized beliefs, while justifying and covering up their bad decisions.
As humanity and its relationship with the Earth progresses, people and society together will undergo a compression effect. This means both equalization, and compaction of the species. Societal compression has been known about for a while now. The upper echelon of global society has had access to a lot of really important information for a long time, but every generation more and more aged wisdoms fall to the waist side. Researchers with unpopular but hella accurate theories are killed, derided, smeared, and ignored.
The other spirit guides are crucial for us alligning other features of human society like elderhood, media representation, expressionistic thinking lifestyles, mathmatics and science, Earth, chemicals, food, health, tge delineating organism that is the universe, galaxies, solar systems, and then breaking all the Most Practical Intervals of Existence represented by 1-12 into even more micro intervals. My guess is 144 micro intervals but there’s probably quite a few more sets greater and lesser than that. 12 is particularly PRACTICAL in achieving definition and applying the Code of Combination/ the Pattern of Existence to the very nuanced, nitty gritty of all things.
Bless be.

Leave mother
go off into unknown/chaos/wilderness
mature howl in pain and in expression then become enlightened by higher divine
learn optimal expression, courtship, self-defense (which is spookiness)
During this process our whole body goes through a change.

Our face/bodies becomes amazing , our DNA transcends, and our minds become enlightened

Males who don’t do all of this, and are immature feel desperate urges to force copulate.
They don’t know maturity, they don’t understand enlightenment, they are dumb to much of the intelligence endowed unto us

This applies to all people based on a spectrum of development and maturation

People who think “take what you want or get what you get” is human naturation
couldn’t be further from the truth.

Evil spiritual energies are fed into by organisms who lack maturity, enlightenment, and intelligence
These organisms as we can readily see will try to inflict their will and way of being on others to perpetrate such behavior and feed the evil energy which tries to impart itself into the animal kingdom
This happens in humanity as well. There are cults of men “and sexual liberty advocates” who are trying to normalize rape, make young women feel like they should give it up easier, lure people into beliefs in sexual domination which are disturbing delusions.
People, being beacons, wiring, and a computer bulb at the end are highly vulnerable to ambient energies, especially the evil ones which society has fed into for far too long
the ambiguity of the modern human mind has lead to a lot of confusion sexually, sentimentally, and intellectually.
Purpose is so much more than sex
reprodution has been resynchronized to the universe and its sentient powers
altruism, synchronicity itself, educational development, spiritual maturity through DNA
transcendent behaviors are written into our DNA
We are moving towards transcendence, and away from primal lust
People who believe that rape is an intrinsic part of their DNA are evil and delusional.
There is a very profound spirit that tries to get people to believe in delsuinal sentiments such male entiotlement to sex, particularly virgin young women and phallic worship
the seed fruit and the pheromone flower
these are not to be fetishized and that evil spirit is very able to get people to fetishize and worship these things.
this just as we over glorify food delecttibility and often turn infantile plants into goods, or plant parts not meant to be food for us into food
There is some room for cultivation, but not rape, and not infantility
our well tuned bodies are balanced machines
being balanced in onself allows an individual to see where its invasive threats are coming from and counter balance accordingly. We are able to become predictive and thrive
we can only seek super power balance in these times where our beacons are under siege and our natural defenses against evil are being attaked.

The nitty gitty of right and wrong before us.
who is transcendent and who is not
These are “advanced” villainous traits of evil
that force the transcendent natural humans into super heroes, who must overcome inordinate amounts of unknown, chaos, wilderness, as well as forces of evil

these are the men that we would all be better off without
the last of my discoveries before I now become an even greater enemy to all blue collar fetishisizing, female grooming, maleducating selfish, not caring, sabotaging good people and banding together in insecurity cults men

anumbis took 10 million dogs whatever that means
hitler took 10 million enlightened activists

flip that on it’s head we should keep like 10 million men because many women have been born to transcend the need to reproduce for the most pat
and many men have evolved for this moment and are completely useless and a detriment to the Earth the universe has blessed

i know i know just a distant dream
we can only educate them so thoroughly that they do it for us!

Bless be!