God: Civility and Maturity

Empathize with God(s) and see how humanity has behaved for the last 8 millennia. Theorize what God would have done back then, for those people to guide them towards optimal life.

Christian God  and the Bible can teach people everything they need to know about spiritdom. There’s  a lot of history that pre-texts Catholocism, and Christianity. The depths at which people understood the unapparent balance of the universe, is spectacular.

A lot of old-world ideas, or “facts” that have been abandoned by modern study, were tapping into a more intuitive logistics system that helped them simplify their minds, and compartmentalize the intervals of existence.

What Can Change, and What Won’t:

Notice primitive behaviors that have become evolved and intricate human behaviors.

Oppression and domination are of the same tendency. In the end, it leads to disdain within all parties involved.

Those in the trenches of oppression often radiate life, thus polarizing society.

Oppressors are usually coddled by themselves, and the world around them. They often don’t have culture, or they are tied to it with thin attachment..

Oppressors sometimes repeat dogmatic justifications for their actions, to relinquish themselves of their free-will. They pass around false-truths that should only convince others of their unwillingness to leave their comfort zone.

To be stagnant is to wither away. Fear is a primal reaction only to an internal change, even if it’s stimulated by an outside force.

Look for knowledge, truth, and moral every day. It isn’t necessarily jargon to recite, but lessons to learn from in the smallest phenomena.

The key to empathizing with the world is knowledge, and more importantly understanding the nuances of that knowledge.

Many biblical characters faced circumstantial cruxes, and many of these interactions provide insight to how people collected their thoughts in spiritdom.

Way of Life:

Faith has more to do with believing in yourself, and the way of life you know is right, than repeating dogma that has been rewritten by fear.

Do not be afraid of yourself, how you fit into your body, or how you fit into the world.

The world will reject the most potent individuals, because the society is too dry to absorb your potential.

You cannot unconditionally love while justifying animalistic desire, and its many iterations of social barbarism.

Achievement can be righteous or animalistic. Fetch papers to read, don’t bury bones.


Empathize with the Universe

See how special we are to it.

Empathize with the Earth

See how far we’ve come,

how much we’ve done,

and how much we’ve given up.

Empathize with God, and with Jesus.

The righteous diplomats of Spiritdom.

Empathize With Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma

The three optimal powers of the universe.

Come up with your own spiritual balance to empathize with. As long as it aligns with values that you want in your life, and is based in whats true to you.

At their epitome they are all conscious spirits/Gods whom only wish glorify morality; and provide a means to achieve beautiful feats.

You should know instinctually what your guides truly want of you.

Don’t forgo knowledge for simplicity; you abandon fact when you do. Instead use knowledge to simplify the world around you.

The universe is simple and the humans have evolved many superstitions. The super-natural is more factual and logically representable.

Astrolabe believes that Jesus, and the ideal heavenly father, allow people to understand how compassion, dignity, and direction bring people to a transcendence, and makes them to be good parents.

How to be the optimal single parent: (In theory because I don’t have kids).

Strong rule, with a gentle force:

Set codes of conduct that are, rooted in truth, rationale, and sympathy.

Know who your children are, who you were, and the people who raised you. Temperaments can be genetic and shortcomings can be hereditary. See where family has failed and where their flaws have passed into you and thus into your children.

Don’t enforce rule by pulling arms and coddling, but by being right and right there after they fail. Live virtuously embodying the values you wish to pass on.

Let your children learn for themselves because you cannot make them learn. You can only give them the power to for-see possible pit falls.

Keep punishments relevant, without cruelty, or tainted by brash tendencies.

Be willing to be wrong. Don’t react too quickly in emotion, and if you are quick to anger, be quick to apologize. At the very least, be willing to apologize.

Humans are born animals. It’s the spiritual journey to diminish beast mind, and its evolved manifestations. Don’t take your humanity for granted, we are human animals, don’t be an animalistic human.


Treat your sons as sweetly as you treat your daughters, and do not coddle your daughters. This is a human male reaction correlated to grooming. It’s a combination of the modern male’s enhanced femininity (motherly instincts), and sexual desires. They have been re-utilized so don’t fear them as perverse, just be aware of how they might change your subconscious behavior. Also be aware of why you may be harder on your sons.

Sexual warfare is not only the urge to prove yourself to a mate, but what you do to other men to feel dominant . Be a singer, but not a predator.

Unflanged (not fully maturated) male orangutans attempt forced copulation on females, where the flanged, mature ones develop enhanced facial features and howl to attract mates. Don’t get your wires crossed by feeding your animalistic desire for domination in every moment of your social life.

Don’t be scared of sensitivity, it’s not a weakness, but it is the only true strength men have. That’s why other men wish to take it from you.

The larger your muscle mass-to-body frame ratio is, the more testosterone you have, don’t be fooled by gaining fat. Use the epitome of your youthful body as reference. Your biological hormone balance can get pushed around by real-time, and prolonged prolonged diet.

Smaller/petite men, trust in your masculinity. Don’t resort to bravado to compensate. Other men might try to dominate you for things like: Appealing facial features, slender body frame, long hair, and sensitive eyes. No matter how you look at it, their reactions are indicative of their animalism, depravity, and fears.

Make them see your level of consciousness as something to rise to, don’t lower yourself to theirs. This reinforces their behavior by making you appear more similar to them than you truly are.

Wit is a sign of intelligence, and intelligence is strength. Modern females look for this in a modern male intuitively. Peacocks have pretty feathers, humans have ingenuity and transcendence.


Mothers:  Sensitivity is not sign of weakness. You might over coddle your children. You also might have a bio-balance which makes you too tough on masculinity/femininity dynamics within them. Foster optimal ideas of genuine identity in that child regardless, while noting that feminine traits are what make men capable of maturity. Without the meshing of male and female cognitive traits, men would never have evolved to feel compassion, only attachment, desire, and fear.

Understand your intuitive nature and the power it possesses, especially in spiritual energy. You may be more susceptible to grief and trauma. You cannot participate in the sado-masochistic cycle, this impacts children for life.

Unlike the desire-seeking male brain, The normal female brain has not been mal-adapted in many ways emotionally for the needs of power struggle, domination acquisition, and varying stages in development in maturity. Women, especially women with a more womanly bio-balance mature faster for this reason, and are better off with their naturally wiser, more in-tuned brain that achieves, on average, higher levels of pure intelligence, and rational instinct.

Try not to let sudden ideas dictate huge life events. It’s a strong Astrolabe belief that spirits affect everybody, and that free will is to be claimed.

Foster creativity with your children and you will provide a fruitful experience for you both (all). Imagination is the key to understanding the world around you, and women excel at it over men.

Both: Don’t buy into old ideas of alpha and beta males. It’s all about the individual person’s maturation journey. Females have probably developed some degree of the same multi-stage maturation process, due to a rounding of traits.

Ascending to the highest reaches of maturity might have more to do with spirituality, and introspective understanding, than purely physical growth, but they may correlate.

Humans need to be separated from their comfort zone for this to occur. Orangutan males and females visit their mothers for a long time after maturing. Only the males who have pushed themselves to howl, and be in isolation mature to their full potential. No we aren’t orangutans, but there are undeniable parallels.

Believe in the evolution of human DNA for optimal sentience, as we are all capable of being fully mature, omega males and females..

Achieve your optimal sense of self every day, and be compassionate. This allows you to open up your love to everyone, and helps you understand circumstance. It can reward you with unconditional love. This love does not need similarity, comfort zones, or ulterior motives to be present in your subconscious actions.

Never hit your kids in the face, it can cause irreversible brain damage.

A healthy diet at a young age is crucial for developing a superhuman child. Understand the mannerisms of truly healthy children, and don’t suppress them cognitively with bad medications. Trust your instincts, there’s a lot of people in the medical community who will lead you down a detrimental path, and many diagnosis of ailments in modern medicine are imaginary.

For example:

Wisdom teeth might be very important for a stage of development where the jaw opens out, and creates space in the skull for further maturity. There also may be brain trauma associated with the damage done to nerves in such close proximity to the brain.

Those nerves send electric impulses which may damage cause long term, as well as obvious short term, damage. Teeth may possibly serve a purpose for brain function, as a mineral, other than just chewing food.