The mind, body, and soul allow individuals to consciously evaluate themselves. These are personal aspects, and trends of the  psyche: Consciousness, subconsciousness, and external influences.

Everyone has a story, and a set of choices they have made in the past; Both mindful actions, or knee-jerk reactions. Belief in spirit allows a person to separate ideas of intrusive thoughts from the ones birthed within that sentient’s brain.

When a person embarks on a soul-searching journey, they search for truths about themselves in the world that encompasses them. To do this, they must not only move towards the future, but also look into their past; seeing how their actions, and circumstances, have developed them over time.

They should take responsibility for misconducts, evaluate family shortcomings, and define those temperaments in the most analytical/objectives terms. 

Soul-researchers acquire understandings of those mental temperaments with real-time thought ideation, and their minds response habits. Sometimes they associate trends in their psyches to irrational justifications, and don’t fully understand the depth of their life in the past, and present.

The search for knowledge brings forth an in-depth understanding of the elementary phenomena that have lead them to their present developmental stage.

Wisdom comes from experience, and refining the soul allows sentients to share themselves in spirit more readily.

Using will power, a sentient can choose what to think, but people are often confined by their automatic responses, and mentalities. They associate them to their personality.

Humans operate mostly based from instilled codes, when in reality they have a lot more control over those initial thoughts than they may readily practice.

Stimuli of the human brain, operate from semi-autonomous animal behavioral programming. As sentiently capable organisms, humans have the capability to consolidate that animal programming.

Human desires stem from those ingrained animalistic desires to fulfill their lives’ duties. These desires all surround one concept: Survival.

Delineating categories of survival include: Procreation, nourishment, and will to live.

Many animals’ field-of-view doesn’t match the sentience capable in more complex mammalian brains, which exhibit more complex sentiments of attachment, indulgence and territory.

Humans living in the social world, often times have adapted their threat response survival stimuli for social survival. In nutritional behaviors, many sentient animals over-indulge during a surplus of resources, and brands of materialism serve neuro-transmitter, and identity presentation. Procreation in humans has evolved to a greater magnitude: A spectrum of sexual warfare. This describes not only the means an individual attracts a mate, but how they posture in the social world daily, or in times of greater incentive, to portray dominance to others of the same gender. Human perception of psyche itself has contributed greatly to the phenomena existing around sexuality in this context.

People associate their animal behaviors to personality factors, which are not necessarily a fair representation of themselves. Actual genetic traits, and understanding whom one came from provides soul-searchers with a much more precise understanding of themselves.

Bio-balances of hormones and brain chemistry evolve throughout the diverse human genealogies. Diets, emotions, and habitats affect each generation’s genome.

With these factors in mind, someone on a soul-searching journey finds them-self, and becomes more aware of their impact on the world around them.

Using character, people act out an image of themselves, and dictate their desired perceived qualities. Having an understanding of their subconsciousness allows them to overcome insecurities, and limit false character attributes.

Compartmentalizing, and simplifying, these ideas into the most objective perspectives yields a purer sense of self. Understanding oneself allows us to see how we impact others.

Humanity fields of study teach people how to eliminate common pitfalls of the human psyche. They can study their fractions in factions, and machines as pieces a whole. Find direction towards their pure sense of self, without settling for half truths based in doubt and the past.

By studying all of the worlds’ belief systems a person can begin to understand how they are all viable portals to the spiritual world.

Consciousness/spirit: The energy body of sentience; signals compiled by natural occurrences or into a spirit entity.