Don’t Share your Burdens, Learn from Them

It is not wise to share your burdens with other people. Don’t do it, just learn from them.

I wrote an article that has a list of my burdens in it

The article is “Don’t Share your Burdens. Learn from Them!”

It contains personal anecdotes and a lot of gems!

It is a treasure chest guarded by a difficult riddle.

I really don’t want you guys to have to carry my burdens. So solving the riddle might prove to be a difficult challenge.

They are things that just sound worse then they really are. They really aren’t that bad, it’s all normal guy stuff and they are relatively common pit falls.

If you can forget about this riddle please do it. Carry on with your life, and don’t look back. Keep reading though!

The answer to this riddle is the password to the page “Don’t Share your Burdens, Learn from Them!”

It is four (4) words, 16 letters, three (3) space and is all lower case.

It has a homonym, and it is a euphemism for the people who figure out the riddle.

It is not at common phrase, or anything you will find perusing my other writings!