The Search for Truth: Postulating Logical Facts.

Intricacies of the Geo-sphere:

We like C in music because it supports the G of our planet.
Imaging and Pre-Imaging occurs when working with modern Frequency Ratios.
Universally based numbers.

Various Greater Wave, Current, and fields, their affects&modeling as well as locational-spiritual & psycho acoustic experiences all of this across the geo-sphere&plates.
Think of a Sphere wrapped in like wavy lines, yeah…

Here is a cool example:

Central America is but specifically at a crucial developmental time for the mind of Earthly existence, was a mouth of the sentient planet. Of all the people in the world for quite a long time, those who traveled over the Russian Landbridge, and settled in the Americas were the Planet’s favorite people.

The most Primordial Essences of all Existence in this Universe are 1 Space 4 Light 5 Force and then there’s 2 Measurement/Happening, and things always start to evolve quick.

People all over noticed things, and participated in the universe finding process.

But their land became a mouth for the planet, clearly! The energy that this Central American region can psycho acoustically impart onto the mind, even from all over the South Western area of North America is an anomaly.

The truths the Mayans and Aztecs had discovered, after being wipe out and pillaged. The common Latino time-cadence system of music is the most expressive music system in the world because of the sciences of the Mayans & Aztecs!

Central America feels like the tonic of our planet!

People also get entranced by drawing shapes and characters in tombs because of how the algorithm of the languages humans honed in on and have been honed in from were starting to coincide with many more spectrums causing multi-logical connection and multi-mental states of mind.

Math & Numbers, logistics of the universe

Aether and Electro-magnetism:

Modern information has not been greatly established on how light plays role in the brains of animals, but animal brain-radio testing has been happening for a long time.

Many researchers have probed regions of the brain with radio waves, finding that they could trigger mood/facial responses with electro-magnetic energy in the radio wave spectrum.

Humans can see the visible spectrum of light, which doesn’t begin until ~400 trillion hz, while the bottom of the microwave spectrum starts at 3000 hz.

Electromagnetism, substance, and force are categorized by Astrolabe to the metaphysical plane of existence. They interact with each other to produce a variety of phenomena in the practical plane of existence, and many other planes which are  phenomenal and directly correlate with immediate combinations of the primary three intervals, then four, five, seven, 10, 12, 14, 16,,20, 22. 

The primary three combine in a manner correlative to how harmonic modulation works in music. What sounds good in music, are algorithmic patterns of the essential combinative logistics of the universe!

Music is the study of the universal logistic, put in literal terms of sound.

Electro-magnetic energy, or light, cannot travel without some sort of medium. It may not be material in the form of matter, but it exists. The impacts of Electro-Magnetic Energy on Earthly existence should be studied further.

Researchers have tried to prove the existence of aether in the past, and the results were inconclusive. Space is the fabric of the Universe

Electro-magnetism doesn’t only pertain to light, but also the dynamics of charge fields. They are of the some phenomenon.

If matter is energy quarks compiled by the cosmos, electromagnetic quarks stuck together, and perpetual electron /quarks spinning into electronegativity. As water is to the sea, aether is to the cosmos.

Atmosphere, sentient charge fields, electron stream fields of the geo-sphere, data sphere, geo-sphere dynamics & wave nature.

“Icebergs” of aether or space material much more rich & dense than humanity realies would have the exact principles of what researchers have claimed to witness in space, and call dark matter.

Anti-matter could very well be dark matter, but as dense aether would leaven any matter it came into contact with. Another theory Astrolabe has on anti-matter is that it is simply energy, light, momentum, pressure, force. Things that break matter down into energy and change it’s nature.

Astrolabe believes that highly magnetic matter in space could carry relatively dense aether, part of the phenomenon displayed as atmosphere on Earth. It is separate from the geo-magnetic sphere, which would be enhanced by the atmospheres reflective properties.


Most fields are positive, and the negative fields of electrons are strange. There are many types of neutrons, and protons, but electrons are a standard interval of matter.

For them to fascilitate a negative charge, they could be two stable bodies of quarks that pepetutually orbit eachother and kinetically cause a density of adductive, and tensioned electromagnetic energy.

Negative charge is probably only relatively less positive charge, which combines at specific intervals.

In most of the universe, aether is stable, kinetic force is terminal, and electromagnetic energy is expanding.

Light photons can only have positive charge. Perhaps a density of negative charge could be anti-matter too. Whether or not negative charge exists, or its only a feat of electrons, a cluster of electrons forced together can ionize matter as electricity.

When matter is involved in a reaction, electrons are possibly created as result. Positive charge photons and protons are unstable in their surrounding, always releasing electro-magnetic energy, and oscillating. Yet, they maintain stability within themselves, unless affected to do otherwise.


Photons emit electro-magnetic energy in conditions where expulsion can occur. The atmosphere diminishes light coming to Earth, and that energy disperses, but light hardly diminishes over very large distances in the near vacuum of space. Light cannot move in a total vacuum (a void), but it also cannot disperse their energy.

When a star enters its super-nova stage, immense amounts of forced energy produce powerful kinetic waves, displacing everything, and causing black hole. This also justifies the presence of aether, as do the subsequent gravitational waves given off by the super-nova.

The contrast of force and energy is bridged by aether. Aether can carry force, and facilitate electro-magnetic energy, but kinetic force and electromagnetism have a relationship is dependent on aether/matter/space/ or simply just substances to function together in unison usually involving combustion…

In animals, aether and light could be adaptable by brain pathways for visions and dreams that animals see inside their mind. These conducted by ambient sentience and a subconscious self…

Stars are celestial bodies that parallel what astrolabe believes is what universal singularity would be like, with a different set of matter principles. Perhaps it was inhabited by material beings, and certainly electromagnetic sentience. It could have had the ability to plan, the universe being a cycle of expansion and collapse.

Perhaps the universe contained this life like a seed of stored information and existence to move on to the next stage. Blades of grass, or kelp in an ocean of pressure; plants in general might explain the operations of happenings outside of the universe, if the singularity is akin to a seed and the expanded universe and vegetable/fruiting body.


Einstein’s Falling Earth Theory explains gravity as the centripetal force of a spherical body falling through the semi-vacuum of space. The momentum from the Big Bang, which hasn’t ceased yet in the Milky Way, carries the Earth, as it does to other cosmic bodies. Inertia remains constant due to the “feather and the bowling in a vacuum” logic.

This would cause ‘falling’ since space doesn’t have gravity, and unidirectional movement would act as such. Supposedly, the solar system is moving as a unit, and each body “falls” in an elliptical trajectory, causing centripetal force

Perhaps the vibrational resonance of the planet in a fluid suspension is the reason for gravity, instead of Einstein’s Falling Earth Theory.

When a large object in a fluid resonates, (vibrates), it agitates particulates into its mass. This would require the existence of aether on a planetary scale and ironically coincides with Einstein’s theory on Gravitational Waves.

Einstein’s Falling Earth Theory is quite flawed regarding relativity. Each planetary body would have a different elliptical pattern based on its characteristics. If not, the sun’s would have a tighter elliptical orbit, but be spinning at a rate astronomically higher than Earth’s rotation.

All this is actually possible, although the planets aren’t often portrayed as having a multi-directional orbit. Some planets far from the sun do have subsequent orbits, but they are not the falling elliptical orbit described.

For the spheres of planets to roll in this elliptical pattern friction is required. The sphere would need something roll on, and suspended in space it would simply spin.

It is extremely unreasonable to think that the planets and the sun would be “falling in elliptical patterns” which would rationally occur at various diameters and rates depending on their physical and chemical factors. 

They would not display the relatively balanced coordination and subsequent patterns view-able from Earth.

Momentum is only valuable when approached logically.

Postulating Consciousness and Spiritual Affinity:

The electro-magnetic field dynamics of human neural pathways operate within ambient fields, both large and small. This implies that there could be suspended air circuits that tie in-born sentience with ambient phenomenal sentient spirits. This works much like how data signals from cellphones shoot to satellites.

Increased human exposure to stimulative microwaves might adjust brains to accept foreign signals. It’s also possible that people have always been able to consciously adapt their brains to tune into ambient spirits. More powerful ultra-violet rays could energized people the same way through the eyes, hair, and skin.

People attuned to spirits still might not have had the personal growth necessary to recognize the potential they have to develop an insightful relationship with the spiritual. By collecting information, simplifying general knowledge, and incorporating life experiences into understanding of self, a person instill the subconscious maturity attempted by mainstream faith systems.

A cognitive person can maintain a shield of absence that protects her/him from the brash cruelty, and cynicism, that the natural world provides them. They can do so while wielding objectivity, compassion, and truth as their tools.

With these powers, they can clear the madness away from their sight; build a world around them with the logic, and unbound, righteous imagination.

Empathy, introspection, life experience, and objectivity can provide conscious beings with a critical thinking subconscious. This allows them to transcend their natural tendencies of behavioral reaction. Human desire merely represents basic beast desires, evolved and increased in magnitude. Truths are not subjective, and centering one’s self with reality means understanding the processes of natural/physical science around the phenomena of the universe.

Transcendence involves mastering life. A master of any craft must have level of respect for all individual steps of the process. To do so with such a grandiose field, a master of transcendence has to respect every essence that compiles their being, and learn as much about the natural world as possible.

Microwave Ovens:

Microwave ovens heat molecules kinetically, by making them magnetize to the surrounding waves, and they vibrate intensely. All polar molecules heat in a microwave oven. This includes many substances found in food, (not just water), and would make these molecules more energetic than they would during normal cooking processes.

There are many researchers whom take the stance that microwave oven are safe because they are “non-ionizing” radiation. They are technically correct, but shortsighted to the kinetically induced thermal ionization that logistically would occur.

Free-radicals might occur more often when polar molecules are heated in a microwave. All cooking methods can potentially ionize molecules in food, considering that hydrogen bonds break readily from heat. Yet, microwave radiation makes polar molecules produce more heat than what would occur in a general heating process. It doesn’t directly ionize matter, but may cause thermal ionization, especially in tightly packed, solid homogenous mixtures, like most foods are. Microwave a potato and then bake another. There may be a difference, that isn’t just subjective.

Table salt, carbohydrates, and parts of all proteins are polar. Proteins are much larger molecule chains, and almost always denature when heated. Denatured proteins aren’t necessarily harmful, but microwave radiation increases the likelihood of ionization occurring  kinetically, and thermally, while possibly lowering threshold of required ionization energy in general. Instead of the basic ionization that happens in moderately low energy situations, the ionization that happens in the presence of microwaves is extremely more cataclysmic at many levels. The higher the energy given to polar substances the more likely these substances will create free-radicals and strange molecules by interacting with nearby substances.

Regardless of how it’s spun, electrons from these compounds have a higher chance of ionizing with surrounding matter. Agitation of molecules in this way brings both energy, and material, in towards the vibrating molecule. Sometimes force usurps the power of energetic charge and this is represented by multiple phenomenon of the practical plane.

Theoretically the potential of collision could increase in nearby substances. This would kinetically split compounds, similar to the concept of nuclear fission where an atom kinetically collides with another atom. On this scale, with the much lower bond energy in compounds, it would not cause nearly the amount of energy release when done to the structure of individual atoms.

Some people do say they can taste the difference in microwaved food.


When looking at a chromatic color spectrum, a researcher can observe that some colors take more span within the spectrum. The primary colors: Red, blue, and green take more span; while the  secondary colors, cyan, magenta, and yellow, take up less.

Yellow is the opposite of blue; magenta of green; and cyan of red. This means yellow is not on the same plane as these other two colors in the most essential sense. When all of the secondary colors and primary colors are assembled, a researcher finds that these six colors are balanced set of some sort.

Color in a 12-tone spectrum illustrates perfect temperament, and coincides logistically with the 12-note scale system used commonly in music study. 

Consciousness falls within the spectrum of electro-magnetic radiation, with color as well as electricity channeled through organic circuitry. The measure of kinetic wave sounds parallels how all of these can come together as well. This is important cross-field information seemingly displaced on purpose.

Black Magick

Black Magick is considered by most working with potent sources of the universe (black metaphysically represents accumulation and potency) This entails electrical engineering, chemistry, audio engineering, carpentry, architecture, acoustics. Synchronistic practices, art forms and trade-crafts. “Magick” actually just being event, combination, happening, math and time. These would better descriptions of the ultimate phenomenon that sums the “magick” these shortsighted, egotistical, terroristic, oppressive, humanity suppressing, off people created. They also come up with Nazi sciences and inflict them onto the global population saying food tampering, psychic warfare, and systematic oppression are good for the unwitting people of this world. Just like government officials a siphon success out of the broken government machine, secret societies of plutocrats do the same with the broken education-spiritual machine the world over. Since elitists in India, and Constantine’s Rome, the Catholic murder of scientists and heretics, the .azis, and modern secret societies.

That is what is come to mean. It used to be an ambiguous reference to all the spiritual, patterns, and enlightenment which plutocratic secret societies would hide from everyone else.

Magick is social trickery,

Here are the epitome of the Magicks which these secret societies actually utilize.

Chaos Magick, common magick:

1 Veil of Righteousness, gaslighting
m2 Stereotyping, marking for death
2 Alter-Reality, pulling one over on
m3 Remote War, poisoning
3 Unending Application, cognitive overload
4 Mal-Education, conditioning fake purposes
b5/#4 Ruining Everything, overstimulating
5 Collaborative Corruption, oppression
m6 False Flags, framing
6 Cover-Ups, divisiveness
m7 Vanishing Act, negligence
7 The Ethics of Sacrifice, identity-faking

*Note from the author:*

Many researchers are shortsighted to all the variables involved when researching their topics. Usually, this stems from cynicism, or over-specialization.

Classical studies in physics, and psychology accepted some phenomena that modern researchers won’t acknowledge. Important scientists didn’t get anywhere without asking some profound questions along the way. Often times educated researchers are laughed off for views like the ones written here.

Research has become a for-profit industry that preys on the students. Knowledge that should be commonplace is ignored or tainted by specialists repeating scientific dogma.

Modern scientific study keeps students locked in textbook understandings, belligerently accepting what’s told to them. The best researchers in history didn’t take fact for granted.

Spirituality should be taught in its most scientific terms. If most people would have understood the behind the scenes, we wouldn’t have such a separated, and mis-aligned society. It taps into many things but tragically aligned towards 3 power, manifested as money, and sexual warfare of all kinds.

Students specialize themselves into obsoletion, and rarely assimilate enough information to even notice that there are big pictures to build a mosaic with.

We need more cross-field philosophers as they keep people current with real life.