The Astrolabe Soul


Existence, nature, and the Universe consists of definable phenomena.

Through critically analyzing these phenomena and describing those observations in detail, individuals, as well as the whole of humanity can synchronize their values, strategies, and views to the patterns of how phenomena combine and develop in nature.

Language, while used to name, define, describe, and measure phenomena, can also function like data and code do for computers. For example, people follow Societal laws expressed through written and mentally compartmentalized language.

By aligning towards the true definitions and descriptions of nature humanity can progress optimally.

For example: Molecular phenomena greatly influence biological phenomena which influence phenomena of animal behavior which then influence the trends of society.

Nature occurs according to a spectrum of reality.

Researchers must align the accepted names, definitions, and descriptions of phenomena to how they truly occur in this spectrum of nature to educate people for the betterment of their selves and to ensure humanity’s and as well as all other life on Earth’s longevity.

Through use of language, including mathematical symbols and numbers, people can name and describe phenomena and their measurements.

When people utilize language, they incrementalize and quantify nature by assigning names, definitions, and descriptions to phenomena.

Language uses symbols and vocalizations to represent phenomena through names, definitions, and descriptions.

By naming, defining, and describing phenomena with language, people attain a higher-definition awareness of nature than that of any other animal of Earthly existence.

Along with traditional measurement, experimentation, and discovery means of furthering researchers must enhance people’s knowledge and logic (of nature), by optimizing accepted nomenclature, definitions, and descriptions of phenomena.

Aligning the spectrum of language to the spectrum of real phenomena synchronizes language, and knowledge to absolute reality.

Synchronization in general results in a high-definition, accurate, and clear relationship between two phenomena, including spectrum oriented phenomena.

In regard to the relationship between the spectrum of language, and the spectrum of phenomena, synchronization between the two spectrums helps humanity to avoiding fallacies, misunderstandings, contradicting information.

For all extensive purposes, two or more phenomena or spectrums of phenomena synchronized with each other have an inphase relationship.

Philosophy and language relate to heavily relate to each other.

Philosophers define phenomena pertaining to the Human experience; phenomena that most people may think of as abstract and arbitrary, like power or love.

so these prevailing nature, absolute nature, (

For example: Birds utilize feats of aerodynamics even though they don’t compartmentalize the study of such like a physist can.)

Philosophy studies phenomena of the human conscious, subconsciousness, and environment. In other words, the Human experience.

 assigning these phenomena language, symbols, chronologies and interrelationships as to optimize human understanding, thus information-transaction capabilities.

Common philosophy concepts include strength, soul, love, wisdom, etc. A philosopher would assign delineations for what would seem like synonyms to the average person to incremntalize the spectrum of say, knowledge, wisdom, logic, critical analysis, etc.  Philosophy studies how to define these terms as accurately and as all-encompassing as possible. These words have to describe some sort of real phenomenon, and that’s where the philosophical field of metaphysics comes into play.

Metaphysics is a field of philosophy that defines particularly profound phenomena while paying close attention to how those phenomena relate, correspond, and directly affect humanity.

The concepts that these metaphysicists study are the same physical science that chemists and physicists study.

These are the phenomena that are fundamental to all of existence. Physics and chemistry are everywhere and are everything.

Instead of the practical mathematics chemists and physicists utilize, metaphysicists study the very same occurrences, but find what interconnectivities these special phenomena have with humanity, and the rest of existence.

Metaphysics is the study of synchronicity and aims to define where phenomena’s trajectories in the universe, and in the code-pattern, interconnect through many magnitudes of combination.

There are many phenomena expressing themselves from a lineage of combination. Phenomenal lineages intersect all the time.

developmental chronologies and combinational interrelationships.

The term “developmental chronologies” refers to sequences of phenomena that occur according to a spectrum of simplicity and complexity.

For example: According to accepted science, quarks consist of energy. Neutrons and protons consist of quarks, and along with electrons comprise atoms. This sequence of phenomena “begins”

The vast activities and possibilities of atomic combination, called “chemistry” exemplifies what the term “combinational interrelationships” refers to, how individual phenomena combine to produce constructive, balances, and/or destructive results.

When individuals, as well as society, can comprehensively compartmentalize the details of nature’s phenomenal chronologies of development and interrelationships of combination they synchronize themselves towards optimal life.

Now, these two premises coincide greatly. Interrelation Combination MUST occur for chronologies to develop. This mechanism of nature seems to summate or reduce into the term “intervallic metaphysics” quite well.

Spectrums, trajectories, alignment, accuracy.

As seen with the concepts of measurement, proportions, and relativity, where the term “measurement” encompasses the latter two terms, phenomena occur according to a spectrum of essentiality.

Everything to ever happen in the Universe delineates from the combination of three prevailing essences: The Medium of Space, Electromagnetic Light, Kinetics, and Measurement of Relative Differences.

Through measuring many primordial phenomenon like pressure oscillations, visible light bands humanity has honed in on how the most primordial patterns occur occording to very simple pattern pertaining to combinational interrealtionships, and chronological development of how spectrums like music and color.

Researchers must establish and hone accepted nomenclature, definitions, and descriptions of phenomena by utilizing of measurement, experimentation, and discovery.

The example in the following paragraph contains nomenclature, definitions, and descriptions on prevailing, and essential phenomena of chemistry:

Two different ions of any element will react differently to other elements because the two different ions of the any element have different numbers of valence electrons. These definable measures of valence electrons, along with electronegativity and ionization energy directly result in how the various types of atoms and molecules interact with one another, most noticeably covalent bonding, and atomic ionization. 

Measurement, an overarching, prevailing and essential phenomenon which all of nature depends on for function includes Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

His description of relativity as two or more phenomena that “view” an “event” differently according to their differences in location, size, and speed correlates to the premise of proportions.

For example: From the perspective of an elephant (travelling at a speed normal for an elephant), a slug would appear slower, (and certainly smaller) than a whale would at the same distance from the elephant.

However, the premise of proportions, a more prevailing and primordial phenomenon than relativity, but less so than measurement, not only includes how phenomena appear to one another, but also how they compare, contrast, interact, and combine.

For example: A half ounce of salt would likely kill a mouse if injested, but not an elephant. Neptune’s gravity at “surface level” would likely crush an elephant, but a deep-sea fish, (such as the Lantern Fish), might survive such.

Einstein, a well-known, beloved, and somewhat religious physicist has brought many brilliant premises to the attention of the scientific community and people of all walks of life.

He presented many philosophical concepts to humanity along with his physics research; a throwback to researchers of history passed.

Einstein’s interests stretched way beyond those of typical physicists, but he centralized his research to what he could prove mathematically, and his philosophy to what he could readily explain to others.

He must have spent quite a lot of time contemplating existence, truly yearning for the most absolute definitions about how nature operates.

People have long looked to the stars and associated Gods with the heavens above. Ancient researchers catalogued natural phenomena into lore.

By doing so these ancient researchers divided existence into spectrums, thus chronologies, and interrelationships of important phenomena.

These researchers did not have the capabilities to understand as much about nature as modern researchers do, and for some reason these ancient people consistently developed lore which divided the spectrum of nature into intervals of existence.

Such an intervallic informational plane is the most fundamental purpose of language, to assign phenomena names and definitions. This informational plane is called intervallic metaphysics.


Patterns of the Universe

Zodiacs, as well as being a calendar system, have also been used to identify changes within the Earth’s spiritual climate and how these charges pertain to people, as well as regions over time.

Dividing all of nature into intervals has consistently in modern times been looked at as a primitive understanding. Upon closer look, however, it seems people as a whole were guided towards such understandings.

Primal tribe-people before the birth of civilization as we know it in the Nile River Valley would advance in manners which modern researchers consistently describe as sudden, and of great impact to the species.

The primal tribe people advanced quickly and people today debate the causation of such.

Some say it was spirits, Gods, and even aliens, however the most rational explanation is evolution.

People began noticing, internalizing, and compartmentalizing information in greater manners because they were using such mechanisms of consciousness more and more to study and understand the world around them.

Their accounts of the spiritual began and this thought-to-be primitive understanding of intervals of nature and their spiritual personalities developed.

 Assigning different phenomenon of nature spiritual personalities meant that people had experience, or thought they had experiences where objects of nature were communicating to them.

To people who do not believe in the possibility of ambient sentience, further evaluation on the possibilities don’t happen, but the possibility for ambient light which bounces around very quickly everywhere on earth to proliferate sentience through the circuitry of matter actually isn’t that far fetched.

Along with an astrological zodiac, there is another zodiac-like spiritual model which displays the relationships of the deities.

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The Surya Majapahit is an emblem, which depicts the ultimate balance of major and lesser deities.

The deities and Devas have many responsibilities, some regarding human development and enlightenment experiences.

(The lesser-deities are signified by red jewels on the exterior brim of the Surya Majaphit emblem.)

A very technical graphic of the Surya Majapahit,         

Created by Gunawan Kartapranata (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Here is an example of how a relationship between two deities could work:

Mahesora is one to performs feats of the imagination, he/she has a relationship with a lesser-deity, Agni. Sangkara collects the wisdom of the universe, and has a relationship with Vayu.

To assist a person in the pursuit of enlightenment an individual may be guided to the wisdom Sangkara is willing to endow unto them by way of thoughts, dreams, visions, and then subsequent revelations imagined through us by Mahesora.

The theme of these deities’ relationship in this context is that individuals often immerge with more profound wisdom when guided by their inspiration and imagination than if the person is simply provided the wisdom directly.

Of course, reducing the Hindu study of spirituality and human development down into intervallic interactions based on a zodiac model does not do the entire faith justice.

Hindu literature, and most importantly, personal experiences from Hindus are the best understandings of the Hindu faith anyone can hope to find.

Hinduism, consists of many profound ideas which enable the individual’s understanding of how the universe operates around human existence, but that is the goal of many theologies.

Hinduism, however, is one of few religions which has expressed ideas on the mathematical and phenomenal nature of the universe.

12 note system

Along with using language to articulate and describe nature accurately, linguistics and phonetics elicit psycho-somatic responses from the spectrum of human and perception, known as cymatics.

Over the history of Humanity, people have honed in on these concepts, synchronizing language to phenomena using linguistics, phonetics, and cymatics automatically, often without always fully recognizing the inter-twining of these spectrums.

For example: 水 (shuĭ) and 火 (huŏ), Mandarin Chinese for water and fire, to some people may represent or appeal to perceivable attributes of those phenomena.

This occurs through a nostalgia-like brain phenomenon where recognition of a word’s or a phrase’s sound, (phonetics) results in the channeling of imaging, as well as other sensory phenomena like touch, taste, etc.

Psychoacoustics, another brain phenomenon stimulated by language occurs especially when speaking words, but even when reading or hearing words.

When some people listen to a singer or speaker the linguistics of the orator can resonant in the persons own speaking apparatus, effectively listening with their throat

The various linguistics used to pronounce words result in many different waveforms, or the shape of a sound. People’s voices sometimes have waveforms that look just like the larynx!

Waveforms and wave shapes can relate to or elicit biologically built-in emotional responses, usually based on the sum frequency (Hz) of the kinetic phenomenon. For example: the frequency range (Hz) of a baby’s cry.

On the other hand, unique textures or characteristics of a kinetic phenomenon can also relate to or elicit unique emotional responses conditioned into the mind through life experience. For example: The voice of a loved one.

                    (High-frequency sounds (Hz) can image the sound’s surroundings in some people’s minds.

                              Possibly a form of echolocation

                              Low-frequency sounds (Hz) carry, and encapsulate high-frequency sounds (Hz) acting as canvas for high frequency sounds.

                              Mid-range frequency sounds (Hz) provide color

                                                  The charged metal plates (electromagnets) of the the microphone’s diaphram transfer kinetic phenomena into electrical signl.

                                                  The electricity transmitted by these metal plates can get converted into digital signal for editing in a computer or sent through analog gear and through a speaker.

                                                  Microphones & speakers share a strikingly similar construction, simply inverted from each other.

                                                            This puts into perspective how microphones could capture and transfer kinetic phenomena into electricity for a speaker to then transmit back into kinetic phenomena so well..

                                                  The components of speakers and microphones strikingly resemble the cone and rod cells used in humans and other animals for sight.

                                                            The Pineal gland of the brain also contains rods and cones, rationalizing how some people could intepret color from audio.

`                                                                     This intepretation of color could come from artifacts of light in the audio eliciting the brain to implore a color it associates with the artifact

                                                                      More likely, the electromagnetics can tranfer not only sound phenomena but light as well.

                                                                                Sympathetic vibration of both light & sound waves might play a role.)

The concept of how the primordial phenomnea of the universe combine and operate on their own plane as dynamic is passed down to the flow of electricity. Electricity is the flow of electrons and protons through wires, whi

Using metaphor we can see tst electrical current as a symbol could mean plenty of things in regards to the nature of all things including human progress, and sustainability.

The recurrence of this phenomenal pattern is called cyclic nature.

The combinational pattern these primordial phenomena follow by nature is passed down through all phenomena and it manifests itself in the combination pattern of the intervals of a spectrum-based phenomenon.

Earthly existence is a convergent point where many of the universe’s nuances are able to manifest themselves in more complexity. Just like humanity is a convergent point for Earthly phenomenal patterns to manifest.

Similarly each convergent point is a microcosm. Phenomena are condensed into convergent points, which allows for an increase of complexity in combination, just like with humans, Earthly existence, and the universe.

Each microcosm, and convergent point is a realm of possibility where there is a spectrum of possibility in the phenomena which can occur. The universe is a realm of possibility, and the combinational pattern of the primordial essences is the whole spectrum possibility, and is all phenomena to exist.

Humanity is a microcosm for the Earth to express it realm of possibility. The universe still can express itself through the Earth, and the primordial essences have enhanced profoundity within lower realms because they are everything. They are the universe.

Demographics are microcosms of humanity earth, and the universe, the individual a microcoms for all the above.

The circumstances of any given individual are compressed and structurally solidified in their thoughts and actions, and personality

This trifecta is along the same lines as mind body soul, and character, will, temperament.

Consciousness is the ability to observe, obtain information, critically, think and recognize some sort of order to things.

what makes a person. Their lives, and outlooks. These three things are microcosms for the individual but they are certainly not delineated from humans now are they?

These things can all be tied together though, and they are the spectrum of consciousness. The variables of consciousness are personality.

The premise of personality is what the phenomenal combination of existence is. How different, rational phenomnea behave, particularly in regards to how they interact with one another,

Phenomena interact with eachother based on the phenomnea delineate from. Because tere s a primordial pattern of combination, there is pattern, or code that can be extrapolated and defined. All phenomena can be thoroughly understood by tracing it’s lineage and dissecting the phenomenal code that is the quandary.

 The behaviors Human existence are dlineated fr  Animal survival/procration, family/tribe interactions, physics, and environment all pass down there persectives of the pattern into humanity, society, government, and communities.

For humanity to solve many of the issues it faces today it is crucial that researchers begin delving into the logistics that are phenomenal combination.

There is a wrinkle throughout the possibility of phenomnea is all of existence, and what that means is that there is a line right up the middle that is the wriggly line of right and wrong. Just because thingds are possible doesn’t mean they should happen, especially in the human world. There is a perfect way to do things, and a sweet spot where there is perfect possibility. That’s what humanity needs to tap into to achieve progress. In that sweet spot those perfect possibility variables variables a much more proound, and interconncected to other phenomnea, as they are refined, closer to their purest combination, and in a universal spectrum of possibility where simplicity actually means an increase in magnitude, simplification is transcendence, objectivity, possibility. Harmony is freedom. That wrinkle, if modeled on a chart would look like a sine wave, because that is the nature of kinetics, movement, harmony, progress

Sound is one of two of the best spectrums to use to define the logistics of the combinations of existence, and deciphering the code of the pattern. The other is numbers.

Sound is special for many reasons. Frequency, or pitch, which is measured in HZ is very readily a spectrum which humans can use to computate nd express patterns. Electricity behaves like a wave but is the flow of electrons, which are made up of matter. Matter is complex, and is made of all four of the primordial phenomena, in quite a complicated manner. However an electron is an extremely small amount of matter. Electrons are energetic and it is understandable as to why the subsequent electricity electrons produce would parallel the behaviors of soundwaves.

Electricty in regards to sound and the primordial esseces of the universe is a very profound part of the pattern. In electrical wring, there are ground, negative, and positive pins. This is the manifestation of the primordial essences in the very essential electon which they all partake in creating.

Sound also has an inversive, non-relationship with electromagnetic-radiation (light). No combination occurs between those two, and that is the pattern of harmony in of itself.  although there may be a unison affect, which definitely immerges in the complexty of human existence in the very least.

Sound and lights relationship is an interesting one. High energy sound waves are low frequencies while high energy light photons are high frequencies.

This and the basics of musical harmony are represeantations of cyclic naturem and the pattern of primordial phenomenal combination being manifested throughout existence because simpler things are more profound.

Frequency of a sound wave is a spectrum which people can evaluate with math and numbers very readily. It is a very “fluid spectru” and the use of math yields very results in many different applications in the sound/music realm because the concept is a very simple one but it is applied to many other things in parallel with matical combination of effects ike ingredients , which works on a percentage value out of a hundred. The other concept that musc particularly provides us is that of binary. There is noise, there is silence. This the concept behind tempo, and bpm. Tempo is essentially a frequency. It has a crest (play note) and a trough ( don’t play note.)

Another concept is phase, and latency. We might be playing the same note but if we are out phase or time we are still not getting along, our troughs and crests are out of sync. Phase appears metaphoricaly in thehuman condition quite regularly because a lot of the human experience is about progress, momentum, and moving forward.Humans are always aging, and the earth is always rotating. A sound wave just goes, and so do people, so if a person is out of phase with their perfect possibility then it’s going to continue until the recognize and disrupt the pattern to make a change.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Relativity/Measurement are the observable and definable differences in amount, intensity, or size of any given phenomena.

These phenomena are recurrences of animal patterns indeed, but having been greatly measured, written down and organized by concerted intellectual efforts, they are not exactly physical in the ways in which animals are conducted by their rigid programming, and chemical responses.

Brain chemistry is a biological governing system that uses pathways to transmit signals and release compounds, facilitating behaviors in animals.

With higher-states of consciousness, humans and some other animals tap into the spectrum-based phenomenon of higher-emotion. Higher-emotions can be just as autonomous, and subconscious as brain chemistry induced behavioral reactions.

Through higher-emotion individuals assign enhanced emotional value to their experiences and surroundings. Such value is sustained through memory as with nostalgia, or getting upset just thinking about something.

The spectrum of emotion greatly correlates to the expressive emotional capabilities of music. These are parallel expressions of universal pattern which is passed down through all nature.

Music is a much more primordial phenomenon being simply the measurement of sound. Since exposure to consonant and dissonant sound is a fundamental premise of Earthly existence it is no wonder animal evolution aligned towards sentient emotion capabilities.


LFO theory (forward movement crest trough, consonance,harmonic information momentum, saturation, tempo, PHASE, patterns, numbers, numberse in music, numbers more essential than music, only an outlook? The affect of matter on how primordial phenomena thus enjoyed differently becausd of earthly existence instead of true exact measurement sof universally pertinent frequencies

Ground -+ theory

But it is, the math used to produce the modern system is very good math, and not only further correlates music to practicality but it makes music more applicable to mathematics by assigning it a parallel,

The human condition is a result of patterns that have been passed down from the primordial, fundamental phenomena of all existence in the universe.

Introl to dial of phenomenal combination

Describe it works, how the idea of harmony applied

Maybe write the potential combinaiton

Describe how each combination has two connotations depending on

and are such raw sources that with their leverage they can affect electromagnetic fields, ambient sound pressure waves, etc, to be sentient amongst the material intelligence that we are, guided through evolution by the sentience, perhaps on a planet that was also guided by this sentience that was present before any Big Bang during a singularity in the highly pressurized void outside of the universe

Electricity is electrons, and flow, electricity and sound are very synchronistic, matter depends on all of the primordial phenomena, it where it is there is dense universe. Things follow the same patterns as concepts in physics because those fundamental phenomnena make up everything. Since we are amatter and so is all of earth, we share a ton of primordial patterns with other phenomnena which are the basis of may aspects of human life.

When human understanding of existence is in alignment with the true intervals, measures, patterns, and values of the universe then societal progress is objective, and optimal.

 This would mean the entering of human existence into alignment with the most profound direction of progress, that is harmony, the highest-self of the universe.

By educating all people on the true measures of how to define oneself through a highly refined study of humanities, the world society will be able to aim towards living in accordance to its highest-self.

A beautiful feature of this process is that harmony and altruism are the direction, and the destination.

What is humanly possible is a result of what is possible on Earth, and what is possible on Earth is a result of what is possible in the universe.

Animal behaviorisms are the result of programmed code, and chemical responses triggered by stimuli. Humans have evolved the capabilities transcend animal code though use of a higher level of consciousness, and the subsequent innovations resulting from such.

However, these animal codes have not vanished. They manifest throughout the human condition in often times more complex manners. In some ways for the better. Humans have evolved to not only contain the programming to reproduce sexually, but also educationally. Some animals do naturally make active efforts to teach their young, and the for such behavior in humans is greatly enhanced.

Intelligence allows humans to observe and utilize not only physical phenomena of their immediately observable reality, but it is also a means for humans to utilize non-physical phenomena which occur as a result of the combinative pattern of nature.

Where animal social order was maintained by programmed code presented human societal order are maintained largely by informational codes which are evolutions of the same animal concepts.

Human society, and particularly the phenomenon of nationhood, utilizes many different animal behaviors to the collective of people as if it were an organism, and as if it were a family.

The spectrum of human genetics is very evolved in comparison to most animal species. There does appear to be overlap in how facial attributes form in animals. This may be the basis for many primitive concepts a spirit-body that transcends life and can be born into the various animal vessels that can be found on Earth.

It seems as though a combinative pattern prevails through the genetics of Earthly species and results in the incidence that a particular cat or dog can have facial arrangements that greatly parallel that of what is possible in humans. This actually goes for many species even in reptiles and birds.

A proverbial inevitable ceiling marks the end of development for many phenomena. At that point we must turn around and solidify the essential, fundamental mechanics of whatever we are working with; sports, a skill, or or society keeping. This premise of Bounceback Theory correlates greatly to the Theory of Intervallic Metaphysics, where phenomena combine, divide, and behave strikingly similar to the patterns of how constructive intervals of whole combine, divide, and behave, as observable with the interrelationships and chronologies observed in the hyper-mathematical logistics of equilateral 12 note music which parallels to the equilateral dodecahedron, a perfect simulator for an orb the most essential geometry of existence manifested as photons, collapsing kinetic orbs, subatomic particles, atoms, and stellar bodies, pitch and color recurring of a circular spectrum and waves comprising of a crest and a trough, two semi circles. The Theory of Intervallic Metaphysics describes of how base-n number systems (where n is any natural (whole number) number), the division of a whole into intervals, and geometric phenomena correlate, and also theorizes that all existence follows very simple patterns based on the mannerism of chronology and interrelationship evaluable in consonant pitches and frequency ratios, which directly correspond to constructive colorimetry, logical proofs arise when assigning these constructive intervals correlating phenomena and how they consonantly and dissonantly interact.

Anyway, as consonant intervals continue they become less consonant to the original number. In Western Music theory, the most consonant pitch to any given pitch is 3/2 of the origins pitch. The result 3/2 of that pitch and then 3/2 of that pitch become increasingly more dissonant to the original pitch. This primordial pattern of constructive interrelationship and chronology in existence greatly incorporates into The Inevitable Ceiling & Bounceback Theory. The essential and fundamental intervals of an activity correspond to constructive intervals in music, and eventually more mechanics become counter intuitive to the essential function within the activity.

A very physical example, once human populating size takes over enough land, people should start building more high-rises, thus reevaluating the land already inhabited, and updating their ideas of how to use that land optimally. Although many people would prefer a destructive means of genocidal population control, which is needless to say, dissonant, negative, damaging, and detrimental.

A more all encompassing example, a basketball player who would be hard pressed to invent new techniques in a game that fit within the rules, especially when it’s essential mechanics have been analyzed thoroughly. the athlete should turn around at this inevitable ceiling, after virtually learning all there is to know about the mechanics of their body and the game, retracing their steps, and strengthening their grip on the fundamentals.

Society has rules, and boundaries as well, restricted by Earthly existence, moral-based societal law, and also walled in by the regressing grip on philosophy, human development, and science overall demonstrated by modern people, sadly.

Society must be kept simple, but transparent, effective, honest, and fair.

The discovery or unveiling of new mechanics are not advancement to the original goal of the best life for as many people, and the Earth, for as long as possible. Those new mechanics will not be as essential as the ones we already have, and true advancement will comes with optimizing the essential mechanics. New mechanics unless used extremely sparingly and accurately can actually be quite hazardous to the structure of our essential Earthly and Societal mechanics.

Possible further intervallic mechanics of earth-human life consist of things like hyper intelligent robots, an extremely invasive, probably electromagnetic-electronics-based, unified human consciousness, cyborgs, travel across the Universe, the creation of species and implanting it on another planet, turning the Earth into a cyborg or assigning sentience via an AI, and connecting said Earth AI to the AIs of other planetary bodies. Humanity needs to coalesce on a nation by nation scale before ascending to the cartoonish effects of a comical science fiction tv show.

all very fun, luxurious sounding stuff, but society refuses to even structurize its grip on the fundamental intervals of Earth and society: Environment, Education, Positivity, Equality, Transparency, synchronicity with the earth, its ecosystems, and human biology; industries as an expression of intervals, comprehensive understanding of chemistry, which is the most expressive spectrum of interrelationships, with the most possibilities, money a literal substituite for power, the energy it takes to climb a tree and get food; accuracy of information, nuetralizing and elimination dissonant phenomena to society, incontroled growths and hazardous flaws in the systems,

Albeit Vague, this spread of Intervallic Metaphyscis based fundamental mechanics can get Humanity very far.

If 1 is space thus transparency then it is FAIRNESS

If 2 is measurement thus information then it is ACCURACY

if 3 is energy thus exchange then it is SURVIVAL

if 4 is light thus purpose then it must be COMPASSION

if 5 is kinetic phenomena thus access then it must be INDIVIDUALITY

if 6 is matter thus interrelationship then it must be VITALITY

if 7 is sentience thus human-animal nature then it must be OBSERVANT.

if 8 is organismal life thus tribe then then it must be SYNCHRONICITY

if 9 is transcendence thus education then it must be WIDESPREAD

if 10 is failure thus patience then it must be SAFEGUARDED

if 11 is cataclysm thus testament then it must be HEALED

if 12 is collection thus togetherness the it must WORK TOGETHER

Cyclic nature has shaped most of humanities social interactions. Everything we can do/ want to do as humans means something, stems from automated code in beast brain. Even staring off into an empty room without thought has a cognitive affect on yourself, your sense of self, and the three factors of human balance, proposedly, mind body, and soul, which Astrolabe defines as the story, or experience. This maintains the logic of 2 “powers” and one medium in our “sacred logic”

As useful as intuition is for most people ascending towards their dreams, each step of their journey is enhanced with a fuller understanding of presence, and precedent.

Allowing society to dictate its own media and cultural phenomena in chaos leads to continual construct and consequence. Simplifying the “intervals” of systems they move their problems to for simplest transaction.

Using logical shapes and figures, humanity can balance the variations of systems of government, and body of the people.

Democracies like the United States are an egalitarian family model nation, where as fascist dictatorships behave like a patriarchal family.

Socially the States are still male-dominated and unconscious of such.

Education in the States focuses on learning a little bit more about everything each year. The subject matter consists of easy lessons made to appear difficult by instructors whom only know how, but not why.

Comforts of security transcend linear patterns of family, tribe, and nation. People associate themselves in an amorpheus way, learning lessons atdifferent stages in life than eachother.

Human children, are able to grasp ideas of morality and personal ethic, but the extent of the lessons require age to grasp fully.

Many dificiencies in education, and representaion in media, have a blind-spot in relevancy to the ideas of unconditional-consciousness, and Perfect Practicality

From elementary school until the end of high school education, students learn enough through repitive subjugation to develop a grasp on all the fields of study humanity has developed. The intricacies of all these fields only start to make more sense when added in comound with each other at various points.

It makes more sense to focus on human development education opposed to world study education during elementary school. Subsequent field of study oriented learning could be elective at this age because their interest is merely a segue at this point.

Instilling proper logic, rational, and learning programs in kids, and allowing them to be medication free, and wild most of the week, with a 1-3 day a week schooling program. This could be more streamlined, and provide a better service than the obsolete multi stage, crawling school system that exists today.

School is not a social realm, but a sado-masochistic cycle. It, like America’s over-all “melting pot” doesn’t represent its benefactors well enough.

It makes sense to instituite more order in the education system. Learning basic rationale, graspable observable phenomena, introspection, and human development.

As the child gets older, their brain will be able to grasp at more and when exposed to the information, it will not be a repetition exercise like school is for most kids.

Depending on what interests they develop they will need to learn, and be able to learn for themselves, efficiently without animalistic domination mentalities, and willing to accept most walks of life. As long as the essentials are utilized well enough for as many people as possible, this allows for maximum sharing of learning with minimal conflict reactions. 

The polarized political system is obsolete. It leads to many representatives and voters not having nuanced opinions on societal progress on both sides.

Societal progress is a science, we are nature that is more synchronistic than our government allows for. Establishing and educating people on the actual phenomenon of progress in the political climate is crucial.

Instead we make people pick like they are picking between Mac or PC. It’s open-source, vs closed stances on the code that is our constitution.

There is an optimal perfection we could set our government to run on, but there’s too much complacency, ignorance, selfishness, and belligerence out there to make a change.

The best four political alignments conceivable are:





These concepts are the epitome of human progress. Metaphysics bridges the gap between human “chaos” and universal “chaos”. Metaphysics isn’t just some arbitrary field of philosophy; it is the connection of the informational world and the physical. It is a scientific niche of logistics which quantifies language, numbers, music, and light as mathematical mediums that can represent the reality of our world.

This party structure is so synchronistic within Earthly existence, and even the primordial universe, that it provides the people and government, together, even more control of the human-societal trajectory towards true progress, transcendence, and evolution as a species.

This party system would make society LESS Utopian, and it is guaranteed to be optimal.





are the epitome factors of human political climates, which we must keep balanced via voters deciding which way they think the nation needs to go. Politicians wouldn’t need to seek refuge into one party. It would be more like a Meyers-Briggs with hubs for conversation.

Whatever a person’s beliefs are, they could actually act on the altruistic lining of their way of life instead of familiarized ideas and circumstantial comfort zones. Human Development, (the field of study), would guide society from the core, and altruism will flourish. People will discover life purpose, meaning, and have a greater understanding of the universe. They will by default yearn to be more altruistic because they don’t have to pander, or dumb themselves down to the current system. The truth will be apparent to them because truth is our way to make sense.

Politicians, and voters especially, wouldn’t have to be one-sided in this system because they would have nuance to assimilate into a real political opinion. People tend to skew their opinions drastically to account for an imbalance they see perceive. This wouldn’t result in the caustic stalemate worsening today. There would actually be results from selecting certain politicians, and the intelligence of the masses would actually move the government.

The coolest part is that there are already all the parties needed do this! They just need to recognize the potential they have and organize an effort to spread the information to the public.

Republicans = Economics

Democrats = Humanitarianism

Libertarians = Education

Green = Environment.

People just need to assimilate and take control of the power the universe has already provided us. This is like having a car with a working engine, air conditioning, HUD, and solar panels installed, but we just refuse to turn the damn thing on. We just sit in the front seats with each other bickering about where to go first.

I developed this political model based off of the fundamentals of harmony in musical intervals, and associated it with metaphysics. Since musical harmony is an extremely primordial phenomena (consonance of kinetic waves), it’s calculable potential is vastly applicable. This is why music speaks, and resonates with us the ways it does. Increments make the medium very malleable, just like numbers.

Since the whole system must be based on humanity, humans are the 1

Helping humans is the 1: Humanitarianism

Education is the complicated Perfect Harmony, it has niches and stepping into education opens many angles of study. It is the 4

Economics is the 5, traveling that way is very streamlined and clean.

Environmentalism in it’s most literal sense is opposite of humanity, but in functional context it is not.

It can be any dissonant interval. It’s anti-human connotation is the b5, but its harmonic connotation is the b7. This means environmentalism is addressable via the 4 (education) being the 4’s 4; very harmonic. Opposed to being addressed via the 5 (economics) being the 5’s 7.

All of this corresponds to my theory on universal phenomenon harmony which are how the four most primary phenomena of the universe combine to produce every phenomenon in the universe.

These primary phenomena are:

the Medium of Space

Electromagnetic Radiation

Kinetic Force


Which combine in the exact same dynamics, quantifying the profundity of harmonic dynamics in existence.

Create good voters


Humanity, and all animal life, may be the most nuanced, and complex phenomenon within the universe

Government, education, and production are the pillars of society which humanity must maintain with the upmost mindfulness. By defining and compartmentalizing patterns of the universe, humanity can tap into the perfect possibility which has created Earthly existence. Society must optimize quality of life on Earth and facilitate an optimally purposeful existence for everyone within society by refining education and government.

Metaphysics is the field of philosophy which correlates humanity with the phenomena and patterns of the universe. Humanity is a microcosm for convergence of the universe, specifically, innovation, and consciousness. It is the human condition to deduce patterns from what’s observable in Earthly existence.

To transcend as a global society humanity must thoroughly educate people, optimally produce via industry, and govern with the upmost attention to altruism, both  in regards to humanitarianism and environmentalism.

Optimizing the education systems would result in opportunities for all people to live a fulfilled live while improving the structure of media, government, and production, and better the lives of every person, in every way conceivable.

It is important to analyze all of the societal systems, (education, government, and media), diligently implementing a standard of development, which operates in synchronistic function to allow all the possible intervals of people the means to a transcendent, and whole life.

Developmental education, and fostering political-values through the use of human development helps further individuals feel connected to themselves and society by ways of life-purpose, human interaction, and alignment with universal truth through personal education. This allows society to innovate, refine, and therefore transcend.

Optimizing existence into compartmentalized information, allows people the means of practicing altruistic, objective, and critical-analytical thinking into transcendent subconscious second nature.

Sociological, psychological, and biological factors affect the individual and their experience with others. The aspects which affect a person’s quality of life can be refined into the concepts of climate, diet, esteem, prestige, social role, and education.

These factors also have great implications in the individual’s personal evolutions, and what they pass down to progeny both cognitively, and genetically. What this means is that behavioral evolution, as well as many physical traits, rely on the individuals interpretation of their actions, circumstance, and purpose.

As human society continues to globalize, each individual simplifies themselves in an array of converging intervals. No matter the individuals “walk of life,” that person is a result of many variables resulting from their actions, circumstances, and intervals of existence that they happen or gravitate towards. This inspires a mosaic identity, and it is important to the personal human development of the individual to understand.

People can observe their own behavior, contemplating how it impacts their mind, body, soul, and universe. Doing this as individuals is introspection, while doing do as a society is government.

How the individual internalizes life experiences can greatly affect their genetics through the means of their biological temperament. There are many adaptive traits of the DNA which vary for the organism’s ability to survive a spectrum of climates, diets, and access to resources. The same principle corresponds to many other human organisms likes tribes, nations, societies, etc.

Human genetics are innately transcendent. As all of an evolving organism’s traits are adapted and abandoned depending on the life of a species over time. The cognitive power of humans has made this feature of biology much more dynamic. Since humans are such a potent interval of existence, the convergence of innovation and consciousness results in nearly countless calculable iterations heredity.

It is not just what genes the individual utilizes and ignores which result in heredity, but it is how the person interprets situations, and responds emotionally which impact their genetics.

A sentient universe could correspond directly from the medium of consciousness, energy. Energy in its various forms of electron fields electricity, and electromagnetic radiation Facilitate a spectrum of intelligences which can evaluate and react to other phenomena and occurrences in the universe, particularly on Earth. Ambient consciousness could play a huge role in the development of individuals, and the genetic heredity that they pass down being an active reciprocator to a person’s motives and actions also could have a major factor in the triggering of genes, and the assigning of heredity

When primal humans developed into primitive nomadic tribe-societies, they started building niches of biological roles, individuals interpreted their roles according to their biological attitude.

Each individual provides the group, (a tribe, society, nation), momentum in the direction which their active values align. What values a group, allows gives lenience to this momentum when regulation is complacent.

People tend to develop into niches of life purpose, whether those are expectational or genetic. It is important to clarify and help designate these roles equally in order to achieve optimal satisfaction amongst everyone in the global society. This cannot be done in regard to the corruptions of egotism, domination, greed, competition, or even productivity. These are factors for personal human development and should be approached as personal growth tools.

Biological life purpose, albeit a very powerful factor in tapping into self-awareness, is as transcendable as any other human, or animal trait. Many of the biological traits regarding life purpose are results of altruism which the parents found in their lifetime.

Humans have evolved the desire to reproduce into the educatory reproduction, the desire to teach, and even spiritual reproduction, to promote metaphysical philosophy like altruism, domination, productivity, damage, etc. The combination of spiritual sentience and human sentience together in the body of an individual may have resulted in many various types prone to the will of sentience beyond their own.

Male humans, and many other mammals have gone from primal competitors oriented towards the desires of sexual domination, incapable of compassion, to well-rounded personalities by internalizing their roles as caretakers, and adopting features of cognitive behavior which are biologically feminine.

Biological hormone balance, and the subsequent personality-temperament behaviorisms are more complex in the 21st century because of transcendence of the human organism, socially and genetically.

Leadership can be altruistic or ego-driven when executed for domination, or competition. Individuals can then easily find themselves internalizing negative behavior, when they are attempting to achieve what they understand as success based from their circumstantial world-view.

Esteem and prestige are the main factors of an individual’s morale. This concept is important to how people evolve behaviorally. Reward systems based from societal expectation, and more importantly how the individual allows their esteem and prestige to affect their behavior through conscious, and subconscious interpretation.

People build positive and negative behavioral momentum toward or away from transcendence, altruism, and integration. This could greatly affect an individual’s relationship with the spiritual universe.

Emotional responses are the means which an individual’s actions, and perceptions cue positive or negative reinforcement. Emotions are the mechanical means which then add to the momentum of the individuals altruistic, or corrupt alignment spiritually, and genetically.

Everyone has a story, and a set of choices they have made in the past; Both mindful actions, or knee-jerk reactions. Belief in spirit allows a person to separate ideas of intrusive thoughts of ambient sentience from the ones birthed within that sentient’s brain.

For many this is a hard concept to wrap their head around because their sentience and the sentience of the energy they host are intertwined, and the individual assumes their cognitive identity of that of the energy they have attracted and fostered up to that point.

When a person embarks on a soul-searching journey, they search for truths about themselves in the world that encompasses them. To do this, they must not only move towards the future, but also look into their past; seeing how their actions, and circumstances, have developed them over time.

The body is organismal the vessel consisting of traits trained and inherited. Mind consists of cognitive capabilities, allowances, and perceptions. The soul is the story of an individual. What they have thought, and done in their life resulting subconscious behavior, a worldview, and life purpose.

Although soul might seem to be an intangible concept, compared to body and mind, it is not completely intangible. An individual’s history is very real, and it has affects on that person, and people around them. Parallel to Body, mind, and soul are will, character, and spirit.

A person’s “will” is their ability to change their behavior, to recognize that a change must be made for the advancement of their wholesome satisfaction, optimal efficiency, and transcendence towards altruism. “Character” is how the individual expresses themselves. It is the identity in which they have come to understand, and their traits, however they define them, which they then project as their image.

“Spirit”, or “spirit body” is the ambient energy a person attracts, and how this energy lives with it’s person. This is also known as aura, or power, and its consistency is a direct result of a person’s thoughts and actions, their mind, soul, will, character, and even their body of inherited and trained traits.

This is what makes a person’s soul very much so tangible. The premise that a spirit is the ghost of once living soul is not the context in which spirit is used here, nor in most modern attributions of the word regarding spirituality.

People must take responsibility for their misconducts, thoroughly understand their family members’ lives, and define their biological temperaments, and circumstantial perceptions in the most analytical/objectives terms as they can. 

Those whom adventure through themselves and their lineage can be considered soul-researchers the goals of whom are to acquire understandings of their inherited temperaments, and circumstantial perceptions while adapting how think, and react in real-time situations. Sometimes they associate trends in their psyches to irrational justifications, and don’t fully understand the depth of their life in the past, and present.

Understanding the Human Development concepts of mindfulness, and emotional intelligence will not only help a soul-researcher further themselves towards a satisfying life within their body, mind, and soul,

Using will power, an individual can choose what to think, but people often restrict their will and are dictated by their automatic responses, and mentalities. These can be results of conceptions they hold onto, insecurities, and possibly even spiritual influence.

Wherever those derailing thoughts come from, many people associate their shallow philosophies, and thoughts to their personality. These have more to do with their lack of understanding of self, then simply having one of the bad personalities.

Often, people cannot break free of their circumstantial philosophies and thoughts to will themselves to wrap their head around ideals of introspection, transcendence, self-improvement, and altruism. This is because of complacency, and cynicism; the initial barriers of the mind.

People must be willing to admit that there are somethings that should or must change for them to live optimally in accordance to their values and life purpose.

It is also important to support others in their soul-searching journeys, and not seed thoughts of self-doubt, or complacency. Old ways are too easy to fall into, people don’t need help doing that!

My favorite mantra: “Kick that doubt out!”

Animals operate majorly from coded programming, but many organisms, especially humans, can have control over their insecurity-based philosophies, and autonomous reaction-based thoughts. Humans have the capability to consolidate that animal programming by defining it, studying it (repeating the information to understand its’s nuance readily), and transcend it.

Philosophical insecurity arises from having a less-than thorough philosophy which the person feels the need to defend relentlessly. Fear of the unknown is a primal fear, and people would rather mis-define the universe, and then defend their initial response vehemently, than admit they were wrong.

People can also be insecure in the standards they place on others. A person can actively portray they feel a certain way philosophically to another person, but many times will lash out at the other person to strengthen their opinion instead of justifying their philosophy thoroughly, with rational ideals.

The person’s frustration can often be compacted with subconscious insecurities surrounding the standards they are compelled to hold others to. They fortify their frustration with anger, which is defensive behavior they use to, usually unwittingly, to double-down on that philosophical standard by force.

A good example of insecurity this are standards of manliness. Parents, and many times random strangers will be verbally, and physically abusive to males whom they perceive aren’t living up to arbitrary standards of masculinity. These standards are based on stereotypes, negative reinforcement, bad examples of such in their lives, and their less than thorough understanding of themselves.

Often people believe various traits within themselves as inherently feminine or masculine. They could behave insecurely about those, and thus aggressively or extremely regarding their standards on the subject matter one way or the other.

When people associate their biological temperaments, animal behaviorisms, and the human advancements of those behaviorisms as critical factors of their personality, they do not do themselves justice.

The most important qualities about any given person are not their temperaments, or any physical traits. The most important things about an individual are their soul, their strengths, and the directions which they take those.

By introspecting through their life experiences and envisioning their most altruistic potential individuals can string together a map of where they have been, and where they need to go.

It is crucial for individuals to research genetic history. People must understand the minds, and the souls of their ancestors, especially immediate family, so that they can transcend any of the same behaviors in themselves. It is also beneficial to notice the negative behaviors of others which people tend to notice are often opportunities to reflect on shortcomings within oneself.

People, individually and as a group, often prefer to not define nature, thus choosing to live in intellectual obscurity. Their rationale for their behavior and the definable happenings of nature around them, depend on strange justifications typically based on animal reactions like overcompensation, obedience, defiance, conditioning,   Doing so makes life easier for these people because they need not maintain a high level of factuality or critical analysis.

 By evaluating ones own shortcomings soul-researchers provide themselves with a concise understanding of themselves, which can make them more aware of their impact on the world and how their universe impacts them.

Compartmentalizing, and simplifying existence into the most objective terms allows empowers individuals with the strength of truth and they can discover their purest sense of self.

Wisdom is the compartmentalizing of one’s life experiences for ready access. Objectively and strategically navigating the wealth of information a person comes across can help the individual to align with altruism.

By understanding universal phenomena, earthly phenomena, and human phenomena strategically and objectively individuals can compartmentalize information, and grow their intelligence and wisdom into philosophies, and world views.

Revisiting, and hashing out information with others and oneself will instill perspectives and behavior into the individual. If a person specifically seeks understand animal behavior, personal psychology, and human development then the person is likely to exhibit what we can call transcendent characteristics.

The ability to transcend latent weaknesses through contemplation is the pinnacle trait of the human species. Particularly important weaknesses to transcend being the unknown and fear of it, beast mind, and invasive spiritual influence.

Contemplation and compartmentalization allow the individual to share themselves with others both organismal, and spiritual, more readily.

People will often limit their ideas of self to their insecurities, which are usually autonomous. They perpetuate habitual behaviors and states of mind while confining themselves to the comfort zones of familiar ideas and fear of change/the unknown.

They become so stubborn in their familiarized views, and fear of change that they dig their heels in in opposition to overwhelming viewpoints around them implying that that person is somehow living life incorrectly.

Using will power, an individual can choose what to think, and change their behavior. Willing oneself to develop their emotional intelligence, and researched intelligence is an extraordinarily important trait in the mature, and transcendent human.

Like all organisms, humans operate from infrastructural circuitry and mechanics with the blueprints for which residing in DNA. The network of behaviors and responses are the default for humans but individuals have a lot more control over themselves because of advanced capabilities of cognition.

Social behavior and responses are results of the same survival programs adapted for a different, intellectual environment. As humans with the capability of consciousness, or awareness and power over one’s own behavior, individuals can consolidate, compartmentalize, and override that animal programming.

Human desires stem from the innate animal behaviors, which all have one common theme: Survival.

Enjoyment is certainly an element in many of a individual’s choices regarding their lifestyle but the activities which animals do do for pleasure, often have more prolific underlying purposes like nutrition and reproduction.

The essential definitions of what constitutes survival are procreation, nourishment, and not getting killed.

Many animals’ field-of-view doesn’t match the sentience capabilities available in the more complex mammalian brains. These larger, more compartmentalized brains exhibit more complex tendencies of attachment, desire, and territory.

Sexual warfare describes not only the means an animal uses to attract a mate, but also how animals tend to posture in the social world to portray dominance to others.

In humans, sexual aggression doesn’t need to be male on male, and it doesn’t even have to ultimately center around sexual reproduction. People can be cognitively so far removed from their autonomous behaviors that they don’t realize their aggressions are sex related and thus that isn’t a goal of their immediate intentions.

The key to empathy is knowledge. It is crucial for individuals research many topics and all types phenomena so that they can understand the amazing interconnectivities that comprise existence.

This can only be done through studying; cognitively exploring information objectively and strategically using emotional intelligence and critical analysis.

 An altruistic value system allows individuals to align themselves to their optimal self, and thus the optimal identity of the universe.

The Nature of Corruption

Individuals, or groups of people that push agendas, behaviors, and philosophies which neglect and disparage others, while blatantly ignoring, or devaluing detrimental the facilitating corruption. This affects the body, mind, and souls of not only the immediate perpertrators, but also pass down to posterity.

Spiritual possession, and evil possession, specifically could be facet of reality which can be scientifically substantiate, and should be a major part of modern education for the progress of the human race.

Body language, behavioral, and emotional responses might beeasily manipulated by ambient sentience which can use the dense network of matter as a circuitry to string along a chain of consciousness. With the compression effect of the microcosm the profound spirits can have more control say in the compression of earthly existence compared to empty space, and within the human vessel, compred to both.

Spirits would come in a spectrum of personality based o the means they must useto manifest. Because of this concept and the way that combinational metaphysics works spirits would fall on a three way axis that organizes the complex phenomena into orders underneath the three most essential primordial phenomnena which they are mostly comprised towards. However the spectrum of personality would not be a direct correlation to the personality of what its primordial essence axis would be. To manifest in the way it does a phenomena has to adopt certain qualities in order to achieve conscious ness, this requires it to be a combination of all three phenomena because they are all necessary for consciousness to occur. For something of kinetics and space it needs energy to be sentient, for something of space and energy to gain sentience, there needs to be something of kinetics to create consciousness. The spectrum of personality is a swirled axis that can be imposed over the literal axis that divides up phenomena based on composition.

Since everything on Earth is matter, spirits can manifest very easily and they don’t have to be very profund because of the bountiful source of all three of the primordial phenomena being compressed into many types of particles, atoms, and compounds.

These spirts would play a much bigger role in human existence and consciousness than most people would be able to fathom. What spirits sa person attracts, ties them to a part of the spectrum of personality and those personality spitis are bound by the nature of their phenomnena to the rigid combinational pattern that universe has passed down through each realm, microcosm,

 be more than willing to do this because of the broad spectrum of types that would exist do to their consistencies being of the primary mediums of existence, Electro-magnetic photon energy, kinetic force movement, and existence facilitating aether space. There could be many ways in which these three primary phenomenal mediums vary in consistency possibly resulting in various types of spiritual energies, and sentient spirits.

The possibility for spirits to exist along a spectrum of good or evil would be a result of the metaphysics relation ship between transcendence, momentum, harmony, and altruism, as well as the metaphysics relationships between damage, hindrance, domination, and game.

The true nature of this spectrum would be a spectrum consciousness. These spirits would differ in the ways in which they can analyze, retain, and apply information. Optimal navigation of information requires all three of these abilities, and that is why the most prolific spirits/deities would be the ones whom are great magnitude.

Evil is a definable phenomena, although some people may attempt to obscure and make the concept subjetive. Obviously there’s nuance to define and that is a very different concept than obscurity. There are varying degrees of evil which should be responded to accordingly.

If it is will of an entity to cost detriment to others, for one’s own gain, then that entity is evil. Negligence, foul play, and cheap-shots are all phenomena of corruption and thus evil.

Corruption and evil often don’t adhere to a rigid threshold of logic or truth when furthering their agendas. That would not benefit their ulterior motive, neither would allowing others the means of succeeding, growing, and optimally assimilating greater understanding of existence.

Extreme evil’s greatest initiative is to cause damage. The way is which evil spreads it’s corruption to unwitting, or undereducated participants is by influencing ignorance with non-opinions, hiding behind cognitive dissonance, and by numbing people from young ages so that they feel futile or can’t ever grasp the weight of how wrong the modern society is, and how that is part of that plan.

Evil wants to pin good beings in a corner. It wants potent individuals, and good intentioned organizations fearful of proceeding towards there altruistic goals by instilling doubt, sabotaging, and making it hard for well-rounded, thoroughly informed good entities to exist in the first place. T do the latter, they have made education on most subject matter specialized, and have groomed people since childhood to being intellectually stunted, by not fostering good human development, spiritual, and optimally productive learning strategies in students.

Modern society is formulated to to milk each and every person for as much as they can, and keep them stuck in a futile cycle. The money doesn’t even go to facilitating an optimal country. It goes to feeding the wealth of self-absorbed companies, and agencies.

Spirits could very well influence these thoughts and into people, and elitist organizations of people whom have coveted the truths of the universe for a long have also could have been aligning themselves to the philosophies of evil because of some falsely heald belief that it is what is best for the world. That the extreme adversity that they have put the world under will allow for extreme growth. These are the doings of elitist oraganizations dating back to first uprising of christianity, and it’s subsequent destruction of middle eastern and Indian paganism and the immediate. The inception of Christianity was an elitist enterprise to manipulate the spiritual facts which people had figured out for themselves, while teaching people through a religion that kept them so far removed of the dacred logistics, and enlightenment people were achieving.

 There is no balance of good and evil. Evil must be thwarted for optimal harmony and keep up an upmost optimal trajectory in a unanimous direction. Transcendence.

Transcendence is the personal growth required to compartmentalize and readily access oneself so that outside forces, be they spiritual or physical cannot corrupt the altruistic, and optimal values of an individual.

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In one sense, this process can be viewed as the death of subjectivity. This is not exactly so, there are so many things to be subjective about which have no baring on altruism, goodness of nature, etc. But a person whom is researching themselves and the world around them will discover many ideas on the nature of circumstance and may even e able to quantify most of human existence as a result of predetermined occurrences. This is also not exactly so, the human will is a very strong component in preference and desire, but there are innerworkings at play here to consider. Vulnerability to spiritual interference being an important facet of life to be very aware of.

There is no real risk of a utopian hive mind, identity-less society if transcendence, personal refinition, and human development are incorporated correctly. People become their optimal identity and what that means to them, they don’t become stripped of all subjectivity.

In fact they become more eclectic and able to adapt by incorporating more world views into their own, understanding and empathizing with other ways of thinking, adding strategies of education, production, and other human skills to their mosaic mind of a life.

 This is the same with humans as it is with spirits. Evil people tend to not be well-educated, more specifically they are mal-educated. They stick to familiar ideas and don’t research thoroughly to come to conclusions that are objective. Usually their opinions are only justifications for the life they have lived thus far. They don’t want outside views to harm the beliefs they have grown comfortable with their whole lives.

The degrees in which evil afflicts humans is a spectrum, but at both ends of the spectrum there is a common consistency. Ignorant evil will follow the urge to dominate, subconsciously. In many ways this is because of the spiritual energy of evil which they allow into their vessels for so long that their second nature is to allow evil spirits to decide everything they are. Most people do not recognize the amount of spiritual guidance they are under, and breaking free of such control is a step in a direction towards alternate states of consciousness.

Educated evil is simply an oxymoron, and that is why the consistency of evil across the spectrum is very much the same. The people whom commit “crimes” are of a more announced brand of evil. They decide to harm others physically, financially, or emotionally for their own psychological, or physical “gain.”

To them this is a gain, but it only hurts them in reality.

What happens to the bodies, minds, and souls of these people can be considered very similarly to alternate states of consciousness, except it is much more common than things like “ego death,” or “Nirvana.” These people becomd addicted to domination and seek out conflict like power-struggle toin order to feel “power trips,” and many other things.

Domination has no place in human interaction. The affects it leaves in attitude and psychology are extremely detrimental to the indidual’s interactions and the social texture of society,

Transcendence is overcoming the animalistic tendencies that arise from desires. These include sexual conquest of sexual warfare; against the same sex, and the opposite. Domination is by no means a courtesy in sexuality, and those interested in it are mal-adapting themselves and even dementing their beast

Many people have a hard time understanding what their values are, but can easily come up with things that they value. Values are an extension of an individual’s purposes in their personal life and society.  There are many biological connections a person can make when searching for purpose, and their values, biological corrleatiions.

Psychopathy is a henomena of human psychology in which the individual seeks domination, and is highly uncompassionate. It is thought that the rate at ehich sociopaths and psychopaths occur is increasing at a staggering number. Romanticizing cruelty, domination, and pseudo-attributes of masculinity causes many people whom are largely unable to will themselves to be mindful, to learn things and transcend, or even to introspect and integrate rationale as a means of evaluating themselves are prone to allowing their behavior propel them towards a power hungry, begrudging lifestyle.

A person’s attitude is how they exist in the universe, and their universe is perceived according to how well they maneuver it. The best possible way to maneuver the universe is to simplify the attitude, into essentials. The alternate state of consciousness known as Nirvana is very much correlated to this simplification of the psyche.

Under extreme psychological pressure a person whom is motivated towards self-improvement in a psychological, and transcendent matter will place a lot of weight on their shoulders. They will establish themselves under a rule of higher standards in which align them with universe in altruism, and universal truth. This in compound with societal pressures which may be placed on them which often arise from enlightenment due to the affinity of negative energy towards powerfully positive people, the indicdual is compressed. The soul-searcher, although at first finds this process frieghtening to say the least, learns to that this is the spiritual journey. TO refine oneself to be an easily relatable and finely tuned interval to grasp onto. When the pressures of life occur to an individual whom is not on the course of self improvement, and refining transcendence. They become a caricature of whatever held beliefs they have done the disservice of feeding. Often times people whom are’nt objectively observant, and don’t do the due diligence required to have a fundamentally sound opinion, carry around a world view which justifies their own failures and shortcomings, imposing themselves against the altruistic world and asserting their way of life as a means of compensating for their inscecurites of their own will and character. These people become caricatures instead of whole indoviduals. They behave, and genuinely believe, in the philosophies which they have invested themselves into which did not take nearly as much due diligence as people whom center themselves to objectivity and altruism. They often times act like strikingly similar to cartoon

Refining oneself around universal truth, and altruism allows the sentient universe to shares a common ground within the person whom has brought universal truth inside of them.

. it is important to learn how to overcome the desires programmed into us from beast mind, so that we can possess power within. It is best to find balance away from sex all together. Sexual goals don’t need to be the priority in anybody’s life. Humanity has evolved to be the spiritual caretakers of this entire Earth, and reproduction in biological human mind goes beyond just sexual reproduction.

Xenophobia is a tendency to defend a territory from perceived threats.Sometimes these perceived threats are just factors they have yet to be acquainted to. This behavior has no place in the human psyche.

With no end in sight for the struggles affronting Melanin, (black-skinned) peoples, humanity as a whole must work with devotion to higher moral ethics ensuring that Melanin peoples are allowed to flourish, as all other peoples have been.

Cultures the world over have, and will continue to disregard the struggles that Melanin peoples face. Often Caucasian peoples subconsciously, or sometimes overtly, devalue the argument that Melanin peoples are under threat.

Humanity must begin to understand that depopulation, institutionalized injustices, and wide-spread neglect of these deep rooted phenomena are dangerous problems to continue to ignore. To fix burdens placed on Melanin peoples by humanity’s past, it shouldn’t come down to an elaborate analysis on the historical, and statistical prevalence on the readily apparent facts which this article lays out.

The population statistics of Melanin peoples in the world are disparaging. Although the numbers are bound to increase as normal, events of the past have hindered Melanin peoples’ population levels greatly. American slavery, and subsequent slave trade has caused much of the dynamics observable in those levels, visible today. Although Europe doesn’t take population statistics on ethnicity/race, it is presumable that most countries in Europe have less Melanin peoples than the U.K. as a whole, which is predicted to be less than 5%.

The United States of America has a population of less than 15% black people, which makes it the continent with the second highest Melanin peoples population. That said, the USA consists of around 75% Caucasian people, and an easily discernible faction of which whom support not only white dominance, but further, the eradication of multi-culturalism in America.

Within the USA there is a huge disparity between what Melanin peoples are subjected to, and what Caucasians acknowledge. Although in 21st century there has been a steady outpouring of support rallying from all walks of life for the lives of Melanin peoples specifically, most people are not armed with thorough understandings of how far down this goes.

What plays a huge role in the evolution of all peoples is the trifecta effects of drugs, poverty, and violence. These extant through out all cultures, yet in the microchasm of any dwindling demographic, such as Melanin peoples, these problems the afflict the whole that much more. Whether or not specific people are affected by these things more, (due to circumstance, not biology of course), is another topic.

Caucasian people do not seem to have any interest in helping minorities, but are quick to condemn their lifestyles. No one culture got to where it is by it’s own merits alone, and it is clear that Caucasians have systematically worked to dissolve almost any demographics it can, especially the the most vulnerable ones. That’s how sociopathy works, they pick on the most vulnerable target to ensure they can succeed in whatever damage agenda they wish to accelerate.

All across Africa, there remains an under-developed, and disparaged world in which the same supports, and quality of life are not allowed to exist. There are still cities in Africa, and wealth in some places, but the continent as a whole has been taken advantage of so much so, without a whole-hearted approach to infrastructure, that the Melanin peoples of most African countries may never make it up to speed with modern cultures at any given time. It is unreasonable to suggest that they cannot, or shouldn’t be able to achieve this without the help with rest of the planet which has disparaged these African cultures.

Caucasian peoples rarely went to Africa with the intention of building elaborate infrastructure, nor did they bring in means of advanced agriculture. It’s not like these things do not exist in countries in Africa, but it was never in Caucasians best interest to assist African countries to the fullest of their abilities.

African countries with prominent cities mostly exist on the West coast of Africa, with South Africa at the southern most point, and Ethiopia on the east coast. This all makes sense in regards to imperialism, even in the oldest meanings of the term, with the Silk Road.

Considering a lot of what is known today about Melanin peoples predates the existence of Caucasians, it’s amazing to think that Melanin population size is so disparaged in comparison to other races. The only other massive demographic which has suffered this immensely in the hands of global society have been the Jewish inhabitants of central Europe. The events pertaining to Nazi Germany’s ethnic cleansing, or Holocaust were an acute eradication of an estimated six million Jews. Traumas should not be compared by any means, suffering of any culture is suffering for all of humanity to share the burden of.

Caucasians have worked towards, and allowed the eradication of Melanin peoples for a long time, but due to the infrastructure, and quality of life in Africa, Melanin peoples’ have also been unable to flourish at the same rates as other cultures for just as long.

Imperialism has always targeted Africa as a whole for resources, and this includes the American slave trade, but what has continued well into the 20th, and 21st centuries is an unwillingness of Caucasian cultures to repair what they have broken. Most people refuse to acknowledge that the reasons why there’s a lack of solid infrastructure in Africa, is because of the cognitive leaps people made away from from Africa, disregarding civilization’s “first drafts” as worthy of completion.

It is indeed the responsibility of the whole world to ensure that all of the African countries are developed to their fullest potential. Industries from all over the world still flock to African countries to take advantage of the resources found there. Governments have been implemented in some countries, like Sierra Leone, by organizations such as the World Bank. Yet, what is still lacking in a global-political agenda for Africa is infrastructure. It is noted today that Africans do benefit from cognitive leaps for technologies like cellphones, but this is nothing when compared to the global negligence to Melanin-peoples population, and posterity. The global population of melanin peoples is so much less than the other major demographics because of sabotage and negligence.

These African countries are left to their own devices in some ways, while guided towards being “resource states” which isn’t optimal development of these countries. African countries are not fostered in positive ways, nor have they ever actually been given a good effort in such. Leadership, and education fulfil the needs of resource management but the in depth help that the infrastructure needs to support sustainable work, advanced education, and the morale factor that allows flourishment.

There are many reasons why the population of Africa isn’t growing as steadily as other demographics. One reason of this is that the exponential rate of Melanin peoples population growth is much less than other like demographics, because Melanin peoples have consisted of much less of the global population for such a strange while. Again this notion is depressing due to Melanin-peoples being the genesis of human kind.

The United States of America is the country with the second highest population of Melanin peoples, and also has an increasingly emboldened “White superiority.” This is particularly frightening in regards to the future of Melanin peoples, since there is already so much disparity with Melanin peoples

There’s a lot of readily accessible common knowledge on what Melanin peoples are up against in the USA, but in short…
systematic racism is when there are subliminal, subconscious, or overt feelings, set of activities, or rules that puts the lives of one race over another. In its instance with Melanin peoples of the USA it extends from sentiments of American slavery. Furthermore, when Caucasians disregard the burdens that have been placed on Melanin peoples, especially while touting whatever perceived injustices they observe against them, they are racist.

When people are more urgent to believe that injustices have been committed against their own race, (even subconsciously), more-so than injustices of other races, that is racist. They are negligent to the very real problems affronting those peoples, and often this is a result of under-education, and an amassed sociopathy.

There is a lot of evidence that the faction of White Superiority in America extends far deeper into American culture, and government than that of the widely observed, superficial organizations of the Ku Klux Klan, and American Nazis. “Neo-Nazis” are a recent facet of this, for more on that check out Astrolabe’s article: Ignorance, insecurity, and sociopathy: the aversion to introspection which causes of Evil in humans.


Obsession with children, and manifestation of childish intention and immaturity in resulting in a lack of transcendence

How the patriarchy projects its obsession with children

Wielding children as weapons against others in society in various ways

(politicalizing education, and further profiting off of education, further social philosophies to further a corruptive evil agenda, often subconsciously they belligerently enforce their rule and foster psychopathy into their children ingraining corruption into generations. They can’t even fathom that they are doing it, they can’t even recognize that they are possessed by evil energy,  they are tools of evil energy. Evil spiritual energy is more prolific than society wants to understand for this very reason. The powers of evil energy are so overwhelming they can convince people to want to remain ignorant to the logic and spiritual science behind the ways of the world, and those ways inside of them.

Subliminal messaging power struggle power trips, the get away with it factor, the stupid equals insignificant lie, the idea that corruption leads to disastification which leads to more corruption.

Shot gun method

Sniper method.

Maiming the world,


Complete disregard for the environment and facilitating greed

The I’m not greedy this is just my job factor

To justifying negligence.

Personality defects are not personality

Relishing in their immaturity because they have been left to their own devices

Native American south American natives Jews Africans, war on intellectualism, cults white supremacy, ancient xenophobia,


We are in a time, where we must decide what we stand for. If we let previous generations tell us how to feel, and what to think, we will perpetrate the same problems we have faced for millennia. Ignorance is passed down, but with each generation, humanity has only gained more perspective, and pushed the thresholds of learning. Education cannot be dictated b those whom wish to keep secrets, and tame the passionate. Believe in the critical thinking, and sources of fact we know to be true, we have worked hard for our ability to assimilate truth in these chaotic times. Ignorance allows evil to cover-up secrets, using the chaos of constant occurrence over time. We cannot be gas-lighted into allowing this country to remain infected with terroristic isolationism, while outstretching our hand for war profiteering, and systematic abuse of global pay-wage disparity. The elite oligarchy and plutocracy holds back globalization by instilling blind nationalism into the under-educated. Making the quest for comfort zones, and protecting traditional artifacts, more important than the eternal search for truth. Educating oneself to the extents possible today, requires initiative from the individual. Gathering enough intellect to for logic from critical thinking solidifies our understandings, and we must further stand firm in our truths, lest the traditionalists, conservative isolationists, (whom ironically cross borders to instill mal-education), further keep us coddled, unknowing, and tainted by a corrupt government/body of the people dynamic. When hurt feelings only matter in the eyes of the abusive traditionalists*, and mocked when expressed from anyone else, we know that those in charge do not have everyone’s best intentions in their hearts. Masses of traditionalists* fight for their ideas with fury, and when their arguments quiver at the face of a new people, unwilling to bend over to their abuse, they pretend to be soft and emotional. Manipulators; sociopaths and psychopaths. Traditionalists act from divisiveness, power control issues, and latent disease of country, that they subsequently will defend. Their only desire is domination, their way or the high-way. It’s our time, our country, and we must be the direction we need to be, standing strong in our never-before seen know ledges, intelligences, and fore-sights. We need to stop living in the past, finally make up for wrong doings, and move towards globalization, ending the American-Global power struggle once, and for all.

Our society, and it’s people, are losing free will rapidly. Individuals are more susceptible to buying onto petty thoughts, be them invasive, or proprietary. The condemnations they are willing to make from places of embarrassment, insecurity, or hatred have developed into enhanced knee-jerk reactions in which the perpetrators believe in the sentiments they ought to be casting aside. They justify such actions, thoughts, and words with lies, deceit, and manipulation. They actively seek to destroy what they should learn from. Instead of following curiosity, to find answers, they neglect their duty at a human, to transcend cutthroat, beast behaviors. The affected are the righteous, the truly loving, and ambitious. This advancement of evil in the human genome stems from authoritative domination desires, and the need for survival, transforming into a desperation for comfort. Spirits are mechanisms of electro-magnetic energy, compression, and circuitry allowed by nature to coexist with human beacons. As the spirit worlld gets stronger, their leverage over us increases their hold, while diminishing the free will of inactive humans. These beings are only as strong as the beacons that perpetuate their energy types. It is becoming increasingly easier for them to warp people’s world views, motivation, desires, and actions. The only way to remain a free-thinking, true human, is to educate, and never settle for one answer. Humanity is at the cusp of the pinnacle of globalization, however these cataclysmic times of human, and spiritual evil, can damage society as a whole world enough to repress, and detain progress. We must remain active in our pursuits towards reaching righteous, higher life, and not fall into sub-animalistic tendencies to damage each other, in shallow hatred; this affects generations, and generations to come, as it has us.